IBM delivers cloud-enabled Resiliency as a Service through a Software Defined Resiliency Framework to enable hybrid cloud adoption and digital transformation

In the age of digital transformation and hybrid cloud, business expectations for seamless, personalized, always-on service run high. Traditional resiliency approaches no longer apply in hybrid cloud environments. With cloud-enabled Resiliency as a Service delivered through IBM’s Software Defined Resiliency Framework, organizations can take a modern approach to business continuity and resiliency that is:

Simplifies the management of disaster recovery automation for faster, more cost-effective recovery across hybrid cloud environments

Ensures end-to-end resiliency across all physical and virtual layers of the enterprise.

Integrates analytics and key threat data to help clients make proactive decisions about their Resiliency.

Read this Forbes Insights report to find out how cloud-enabled Resiliency as a Service can result in faster, more cost-effective recovery, and explore how IBM is delivering Resiliency as a Service through an agile Software Defined Resiliency framework to meet the heightened demands for resiliency in a hybrid world.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Recover in minutes from an IT outage with DRaaS - providing continuous backup of critical applications, infrastructure, data and systems to the cloud.

Resiliency Orchestration

Orchestrate your disaster recovery through intelligent workflow automation across your hybrid cloud and traditional environments.

Backup as a Service

Protect your data with flexible, fast cloud-based backup and recovery

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Or call us at: 1800 425 3303

Or call us at: 1800 425 3303


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