We are a collection of renegades and realists focused on the single biggest business challenge: tomorrow.

Paul Papas
Global Leader
New York, NY

I'm dedicated to making IBM iX the greatest place to work and bringing the greatest value to our clients, listening to the Hamilton soundtrack all the while.

Paul discusses digital disruption

Luis Alberto Chiang Carbonell
Creative & Design Leader
Shanghai, China

Bike rides amid the contrast of China’s landscapes help me envision new ways to drive excellence for IX clients and our teams.

Peter Kasahara
Managing Partner, Europe
Zurich, Switzerland

I use my Swiss and Japanese heritage to build connecting bridges as I help clients transform the core of their business.

Saul Berman
Chief Strategist
Los Angeles, CA

Traveling the world gives me the inspiration to envision the future and create excitement for our teams and clients.

Read the experience revolution series

Kelly Mooney
CEO, Resource/Ammirati, an IBM Company
Columbus, OH

Listen to the Belonging Brief podcast series

Amanda Gosling
Digital Strategy Leader
London, England

Nancy Kramer
Chief Evangelist
Columbus, OH

The endless potential of technology—and IBM's leadership in it—inspires me every day to improve industries and society.

Digiday 50 Changemakers

Scott Lieberman
VP & Partner, Customer Engagement & Design
New York, NY

Vincent Wong
VP & Partner, Greater China
Hong Kong, China

Robert Schwartz
Global Leader, Strategy & Design
New York, NY

PRWeek U.S. Power List 2017.

We partner with ambitious leaders to imagine the businesses that will shape the world for years to come. And then we make them real.

Molly Vannucci
Global Business Advisor
New York, NY

I'm focused on doing what inspires, motivates and supports our teams, clients, and partners, and being constantly humbled by the sport of golf.

Liz Kiehner
Global Design Practice Director
New York, NY

Kai Grossmann
COO, Aperto, an IBM Company
Berlin, Germany

I enjoy most outdoor activities, especially mountain climbing. I also try to apply this rule to both work and life: "Face every challenge as an exercise for improvement."

Gerald Lanzerits
CEO ecx.io, an IBM company
Vienna, Austria

When I’m not enjoying the countryside on my bike, I love being a part of the development of our young and enthusiastic team.

John Armstrong
Managing Partner, North America Leader
Chicago, Il

Fly fishing, skiing, and motorcycles clear my mind so I can focus on helping our North American clients succeed.

Faisal Khaliq
Digital Service Line Leader
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I help iX clients in developing markets leapfrog their evolution by embracing digital disruption.

Matt Candy
Europe Leader
London, England

Golf at my home course in Devon is fun, but days I spend crafting ideas for new digital experiences and transforming businesses are the most fulfilling.

2017 BIMA 100 list

Brett Caroselli
Senior Consultant
New York, NY

I'm a strategist studying to be a sommelier, striving to create a world for our clients with less unnecessary complication.

Eric Berridge
Co-Founder and CEO, Bluewolf, an IBM Company
New York, NY

Read his book Customer Obsessed

Akira Kudo
Japan Leader
Tokyo, Japan

Read his book IBM Thought and Design

Monica Logan
Global Leader, Offerings
Herdon, VA

I refuse to accept limits on the growth our team can achieve for clients. And of course, I only use my super powers for good.

Gabe Miller
President, Resource/Ammirati, an IBM Company
New York, NY

We are always looking for passionate people to push boundaries

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Philip Dalzell-Payne
Global Partner
Austin, TX

Andre Ribeiro
Senior Digital Strategy Manager
Amsterdam, Netherlands

What is the circular economy
and how your company can
capitalize on it

Lot Keijzer
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Watch the video

Saunak Shah
Associate Global Design Director
New York, NY

I'm a dreamer who creates for work and for fun. If I'm not building new experiences for clients, I'm capturing them with my camera.

Kazuaki Ikeda
VP & Partner, Japan Lead
Tokyo, Japan

Read the study More than Magic

Sean Reilley
VP, Global Technology & Data Strategy Practice Leader
New York, NY

I'm dedicated to using technology and new ways of working to transform business—but I always make time for running and life with my kids.

Ray DeLaPena
Global Strategist, IBM Design Thinking Leader
New York, NY

Al Jenkins
Global Leader, Customer Platforms
Washington DC

When I’m not pacing the sidelines at youth lacrosse games, I help global clients reinvent to compete in a digital world.

Yuan Gao
UX and Business Process Consultant
Shanghai, China

Christopher I Reichel
Global Director, Experience Design & Strategy 
New York, NY

Renewing old motorcycles reminds me that "state of the art" is fleeting. So I'm driven to build smart client solutions that last.

Andrew Johnstone-Burt
ANZ Managing Partner
Sydney, Australia

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