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sealing the deal

112 clicks

eliminated from sales process

T-Mobile USA, Inc. sales reps struggled with a manual and error-prone process to generate pricing and contracts. It often took days to complete, leaving them unable to provide the quality of service their business customers deserved. They needed to streamline the sales process so they could provide a superior customer experience.


Removing sales hurdles and hassles

What if T-Mobile sales representatives could seal the deal with customers in the time it takes to pick out a new mobile phone? It would take more than one solution — a combination of mobile applications, cloud-based technologies like Salesforce, and change management programs would deliver a new level of efficiency (and ongoing bottom line results).


A custom solution to make it easier to
close deals faster

T-Mobile worked with Bluewolf, an IBM Company, to create a custom sales solution that simplified and streamlined demand generation, lead nurture, opportunity management and the quote-to-order process.

T-Mobile’s sales reps can now create orders, receive approvals, and close deals on the spot with iPad apps, and after redesigning the Quote-to-Cash experience with Salesforce Lightning, 22,000 T-Mobile sales reps now have a modern, intuitive system at their fingertips.


What a difference a day makes

T-Mobile’s new sales process removes the barriers to signing on new customers and simplifies renewals, making the sales reps’ jobs easier and more productive. They were able to decrease a complex 120-click process down to just 8 clicks, and renewals went from 35 clicks to 5. With 85 feature enhancements built in, T-Mobile’s new Lightning solution has saved reps an average of 7 hours a week.

7 hours

a week saved

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