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Dubai Health

Manage your diabetes with
more confidence

Dubai Health

Manage your diabetes with
more confidence

Approximately 1 in 5 Dubai residents and citizens have type 2 diabetes but do not have access to locally relevant information on how to lead a healthy and balanced life. Furthermore, those who suffer from diabetes — especially type 2 — are reluctant to seek help, increasing their risk.


of 2016 Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Smart Government Mobile App


Managing diabetes on mobile

A personalized and integrated platform could help diabetic patients and those around them track, manage and learn about their condition to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Information that’s good for your health

Using IBM Design Thinking, IBM iX designed the Hayati mobile app to target the diabetic community—type 1 diabetic children, elderly type 2 diabetics, caretakers and family members. The app provides relevant tools and personalized content to help users manage their condition with more confidence and reassurance.

Health and fitness tools, some powered by wearable and IoT technology, allow users to track their blood glucose levels and other relevant vital statistics. Multi-user engagement provides family members and caretakers the ability to monitor and support tracking their health. Relevant localized content helps educate about diabetic topics.


DHA is on a digital journey for health and wellness

Hayati and future apps commissioned by DHA represent the first steps towards an integrated healthcare platform for Dubai, supporting DHA’s complex digital transformation journey. DHA is on its way to achieving its ultimate mission — to provide an accessible, effective, and integrated healthcare system that protects public health and improves citizens’ quality of life.

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