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Bank of Montreal

Welcoming customers
wherever they are


increase in account open conversion rate

With constantly changing market trends and a competitor on every corner, customer experience is essential for banks looking to differentiate themselves. BMO wanted to be the first Canadian bank to enable customers to open a banking account on their mobile device.


Agile methods will help BMO stay responsive

Bringing user-centered solutions to market quickly required a change in the way BMO employees work. Adopting agile methods would help them address market changes faster than their more cumbersome competitors.


BMO enables onboarding on-the-go

IBM iX is helping BMO ignite a company-wide agile transformation, so the bank can continue to stand out with the most innovative experiences. The team applied agile methods to quickly create a new mobile application that allows customers to research a bank account, open the account, and begin making transactions, all in just a few minutes. What once took days and a trip to a branch can now be completed on-the-go.

Onboarding time decreased from

days to minutes

“The market changes rapidly and often. We have to react quickly to those changes, and IBM iX gives us the tools we need to succeed.”

— Jeff Wright, Senior Catalyst, BMO Bank of Montreal


Bringing speed and flexibility to the banking industry

Now with greater design and development responsibility, IBM iX continues to iterate on the mobile experience to enhance customer interactions. With a new agile approach and a trusted partner to help them turn ideas into reality, BMO can continue to be first to market with innovative experiences that provide real value to their customers.

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