Join us on a drive that outsmarts the road ahead


Get Behind the Wheel with Watson.

Experience the full 360 experience of our IBM iX Auto App, designed by IBM iX to show the capability of Watson on an intelligent drive that outsmarts the road ahead. The app delivers an immersive experience on your smartphone using a cardboard viewer. Create your own or use the link below to purchase a Google Cardboard certified viewer.

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Reinventing the Wheel
Mobility in a Post-Digital Era

Our quest to move far beyond our first steps on the moon has
been limited only by the technology to power our dreams.


Automotive 2025:
Industry without borders

Explore part one of our Automotive 2025 series to learn how the dynamic of the consumer-vehicle enterprise relationship is eroding traditional industry boundaries. And while cars will remain a fixture of how people get around, part two of our study tracks a new relationship between people and cars (PDF, 5.0MB) and the need for continuing innovation and mobility options that will transform consumer's lives and expectations.


Under the Cognitive Hood

IBM iX Auto demonstrates Watson's capabilities, currently applied in fields such as medicine, finance, and retail. While the driving scene that unfolds is aspirational, the offerings you see are real. Learn more about them below.

IBM Watson
Discovery Advisor

Accelerates breakthroughs by making connections between different data sets that unlock new insights, validate theories, and visualize possibilities.

IBM Watson

Extends enterprise search to uncover insights, trends, patterns, and relationships hidden in structured and unstructured data.

IBM Watson
Engagement Advisor

Automated self-service meets intelligence with a technology that understands questions, interacts with customers, offers solutions and learns.


Automotive Experiences
Designed for the Road Ahead

As mobility shifts from ownership to usership we deliver intelligently designed experiences for three milestones along the customer journey:


Engaging, attracting, and retaining new customers at every step of the purchase cycle.


Bringing delight to every aspect of the drive and turning every employee, dealer sales person and service technician into a brand genius.


Encouraging existing customers to move up within the brand.

IBM iX Offerings:

IBM iX Capabilities for Automotive: