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EU e-Procurement Harmonization

The EU-funded project “Pan-European Public Procurement Online” (PEPPOL) is realizing the aim of harmonizing the process from tender-to-cash and developing a common infrastructure for trade with public institutions in Europe. It is expected that all member states will adopt this standard, which will have profound effect on European commerce and the requirements to your trade processes.

The PEPPOL standard has already been adopted in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, the Netherlands , Poland and Sweden.

IBM has unique PEPPOL competencies, with highly developed knowledge as well as compliant infrastructure and access point ready to support your European trade.

The below map provides a quick overview of the adaptation and legislation per country, and will be adapted as the marked evolves.

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Digitization of Public Procurement

Throughout Europe, countries are adopting mandatory electronic exchanges when dealing with public institutions.

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy have all made legislative requirements for e-procurement and e-invoicing – with further countries expected to adopt similar legislation in 2014 and 2015.

Therefore, trading with public institutions in any of these countries requires the supplier to adhere to specific requirements.

A managed service solution with IBM can, of course, support your transactions with the public sector in any European country- just as it supports your transactions with your other trading partners.

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