The CMO will have to become more data-savvy and better at talking with non-marketing people to communicate the marketing strategy.

Rikke Gransøe Lange | Head of Central Marketing DFDS, Denmark

In the midst of the storm

CMOs are at a turning point. Converging markets and new technologies are making traditional marketing obsolete. Today’s CMOs must rethink everything through the lens of the customer experience or risk being overtaken by emerging competitors.

Torchbearers focus on creating more physical and digital opportunities for engagement.


Focus on integrating marketing, sales and customer support


Focus on customer journey mapping

Torchbearer CMOs

Market Follower CMOs

Key Imperatives

What to do: Embrace creative destruction. The market’s shifting landscape is creating new opportunities for internal and external disruption. Torchbearer CMOs are looking at new business models that invite collaboration.

How to do it: Enrich the arc of engagement. Presenting a consistent, authentic face to customers, while creating novel opportunities for engagement, is a top priority for the leading CMOs.

What you need to do it: Increase your digital acumen. Being the custodian of the customer experience requires deeper understandings of data and technology. Torchbearers are using predictive and prescriptive analytics and cognitive computing to create richer customer experiences.

Improving digital acumen helps Torchbearers cope with the data explosion.


Workforce productivity


Experiment extensively or somewhat

Torchbearer CMOs

Market Follower CMOs

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