We need a diverse workforce that reflects the customers we serve—a workforce that’s also innovative and collaborative, and embraces change.

CHRO Energy and Utilities, Canada

Uncharted Territory

CHROs see a future in which the talent landscape is completely redefined. Convergence, competition and commotion will impact recruitment, retention and everything in between. They must chart a path through the turbulence and help other executives understand the impact these changes will have on the workforce.

Predictive analytics is helping CHROs make more informed workforce decisions.


Workforce productivity


Performance management and evaluation


Employee engagement and commitment


Talent retention


Sourcing and recruitment



Key Imperatives

What to do: Look at talent through a marketing lens. As competition intensifies, CHROs must rethink recruitment strategies and create employee experiences that emulate the personalized customer experiences good marketers deliver.

How to do it: Exploit technology to enhance the employee experience. Emerging technologies like cloud computing and mobility help employees collaborate and function more effectively, while giving CHROs data they can use to improve recruitment and gain new insights on their workforces.

What you need to do it: Become flexible, analytical and social. The leading CHROs are making their workforces more flexible by bringing in partners with valuable skill sets, and improving decision making on current and future talent with robust analytics. They're also using social tools to gain insights from their workforces, and to better understand and mitigate needs and concerns.

Social tools give CHROs a deeper understanding of their workforce.

Engage individuals through ongoing dialogue about the business


Generate and capture new ideas and innovations


Understand employee sentiment on an ongoing basis


Seize the Initiative

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