I want to equip our company to leverage data to become more predictive and less reactive in managing our business.

Randy Harwood | CFO Graybar, United States

Tempestuous Times

The role of the CFO is evolving. As convergence and disruption become the norm, CFOs must aid in strategy development, trend analysis, and use analytics to improve decision-making. In these tempestuous times, Performance Accelerator CFOs are carving a path through the chaos and helping their enterprises pursue profitable growth.

Performance Accelerators have superior planning and monitoring skills.


Integrate financial planning with strategic and operational planning


Optimize planning, budgeting and forecasting


Measure/monitor business performance

Performance Accelerators

Other finance teams

Key Imperatives

What to do: Take the long view. Performance Accelerators aren’t burying their heads in spreadsheets; they’re helping shape their organization’s strategy for the future. They study industry trends, analyze the competition, spot opportunities and threats, and take action on these insights.

How to do it: Prepare for the “next wave.” Leading CFOs draw on input from customers and partners, market research and data from various business units to optimize planning and boost the bottom line.

What you need to do it: Integrate, analyze and adapt. By combining financial, operations and external data, and subjecting it to rigorous analysis, Performance Accelerators gain valuable insights that help them adapt to changes in their industries.

Performance Accelerators leverage scale economies for analytics.


Implemented a center of excellence for analytics


Shifted transactional activities to a shared services organization

Performance Accelerators

Other finance teams

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