Industry convergence is causing us to look at new clients from new industries—areas we didn’t target before.

Bogdon Zborowski | CEO Sygnity International, Poland

Undiscovered Country

Success in the age of disruption requires cross-industry systems in which enterprises work together to accomplish more than they could independently. Adding tech-savvy partners to core offerings is enabling new business models and opening doors to new, non-traditional growth opportunities.

Torchbearers see contextual mobile and cognitive computing as game changers


User-based mobile solutions


Cognitive computing


Market Followers

Key Imperatives

What to do: Embrace the ecosystem. Focusing on operations only solves the problems of today. The leading CEOs aren’t simply tweaking existing products and services, they’re shifting strategies by rethinking their approach to partnerships.

How to do it: Expand customer reach. Torchbearer CEOs are turning to customers for input on emerging trends and technologies. Learn how they rethink customer segments, explore new geographic markets and establish new delivery channels.

What you need to do it: Accelerate innovation. Disruptive innovation at scale and speed is the hardest thing any organization can do. It’s also the most necessary. Torchbearers find imaginative ways to fund innovation, and train employees with the skill sets to succeed.

Experimentation and agility are prerequisites for disruptive innovation


Embrace agility


Experiment extensively or somewhat


Market Followers

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