Technology that thinks: AI + automation

Powerful new technologies are increasing productivity, improving lives and reshaping our world. At the center of those technologies is automation. Reducing costs for businesses is a well-known byproduct of integrating intelligent automation across an enterprise, but what else can automation do?

As digital transformation becomes ubiquitous across board rooms, automation is increasingly the centerpiece of conversations. And now, automation's being powered by artificial intelligence. It can enable agility, visibility and consistency across hundreds of processes. And it lets users focus on their work to collaborate internally and externally.

For organizations seeking to grow through increasing operational efficiencies and personalizing customer experiences, intelligent automation is ready to help. Learn about the differences between basic, advanced, and intelligent automation by checking out our Automation Continuum below.

98% of organizations use automation. Are you one of them?

Automation Continuum

Basic process automation

The "robot" is taught to drive simple applications and data management tasks following predetermined pathways.

Advanced process automation

The "robot" follows predetermined computer pathways across systems, conducts complex calculations and triggers downstream activities, often enabled by discreet AI capabilities.

Intelligent process automation

The "robot" has autonomous decision-making capabilities and may interact with humans through a combination of advanced algorithms and multiple types of artificial intelligence.

Why IBM?

IBM is helping organizations improve the quality of business processes and IT services, speed up delivery and free up as much as 25 percent of an employee's time.

IBM provides powerful services and software to help clients think and do more. Our offerings make you more agile and productive by maximizing automation tech and freeing your teams to new possibilities.

Automation Software

Drive digital transformation with an integrated automation platform designed for business users. With IBM Digital Business Automation, you can scale your business operations by automating repetitive human tasks, content management, process workflows, data capture and business decisions.

Business Process Automation Services

IBM Process Automation Services reflects the spectrum of business needs that range from basic task automation through robotic process automation (RPA) to re-imaging processes applying analytics and cognitive technologies.

Application Automation Services

Put your applications on autopilot using IBM Automation with Watson. Find out about services that can help your applications self-heal - predict, prevent and resolve disruptions before they happen.

IT Operations and Management

IBM Services Platform with Watson helps you run your IT better, accelerate innovation and deliver unmatched performance with the power of Watson™ and automation.

Case study

Sysco delivers for their customers with IBM Cloud Automation Services

Through automation, Sysco has realized several benefits including: Reduced issues on critical incidents by more than 89% in last 6 months; automatically resolved more than 1,500 server tickets per month; increased server uptime over the past two years by over 50%; reduced downtime by over 40,000 server hours per month; and decreased time to solve Severity 1 issues from 19 hours to 28 minutes.

Case study

Transforming the healthcare industry with SAP automation and innovation

IBM helped Medtronic integrate to a single global instance of SAP, enabled by application rationalization and data harmonization. Learn how the use of automation - both in manufacturing, and in application lifecycle management - is reducing run costs to free up funds for innovation.

Case study

PNC transforms financial services processes wth automation solutions from IBM

The PNC Financial Services Group Inc. automated 50 business processes across multiple lines of business (LOBs) at the bank and put more than five million automated business rules in production.

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