Technology That Thinks: Artificial Intelligence + Automation

Artificial intelligence. Cognitive Automation. Smart machines. Intelligent automation. No matter what term you use, the implication is the same—technology that can understand, reason and learn. For organizations, cognitive automation signifies the rapid and impending digital transformation of business processes and application development and management.

Together, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and cognitive computing add speed, accuracy and depth to human decision-making. When integrated into business processes and application management, it can supercharge business and IT operations.

What can IBM Automation with Watson help you do better?

  • Enable autonomous decision-making
  • Create new ways of working
  • Improve quality, speed and business impact
  • Enhance customer experience
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Industry examples

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A large German Retail Bank automates back-office operations and achieves up to 80% time efficiency gain freeing up staff time for other priorities.

Using RPA, IBM automated 80% of the repetitive work associated with changing a telephone/online banking personal identification number (PIN) and mobile transaction number (mTAN) in the customer banking record. The automation yielded up to 20% tangible short term cost reduction in its banking back-office processes, and helped achieve ROI in less than six months.

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A global Fortune 500 firm sees 100% invoice accuracy at 2X speed for its high-volume accounts payable process.

A software bot processes 75,000 invoices a year with 100% accuracy, and 2x speed. With success across a few regions, IBM has scaled up the automation program to the client’s global operations to achieve faster, more precise invoice processing.

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Global Beverage company uses dynamic automation to realize a 80% reduction in high priority incidents.

Using IBM cognitive automation for application management, a global beverage company realized a 80% reduction in high priority incidents and 25% reduction in monitoring and repetitive activities.

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A global education company improves productivity by 30% for its complex finance process with IBM automation solutions.

IBM has helped automate more than 500 intercompany reconciliations that are performed every month, resulting in better control, improved quality and faster processing. Automation also delivered over 30% productivity improvement for the complex finance processes.

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Consumer Goods company improves user productivity by 50% and reduces help desk tickets by 30%.

Through the implementation of IBM Automation with Watson, queries were resolved using a ‘self help’ procedural approach –without the need to call the help desk –accelerating the resolution of help desk queries.

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Leading American bank resolves 40% of tickets using IBM Automation with Watson.

IBM uses robotic automation and real-time analytics with self healing capabilities for preventative remediation –avoiding issues before they occur.

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