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Human Resources Outsourcing

Without a strategic focus, your enterprise risks losing top talent and compromising the performance of those you retain. Your enterprise could fall behind the competition and pay more than necessary to staff, retain and train employees.

IBM Human Resources Outsourcing handles your tactical human resources operations while you guide strategy with the C-Suite. We can assist your enterprise with contact centre management, benefits, payroll and employee data management, all delivered through a state-of-the-art self-service portal that delivers the right mix of high tech and high touch services, around the clock and around the globe.

Our solutions are designed to automate and streamline HR processes and put transactions at your employees' fingertips. And for those times when more touch than tech is required, our highly trained, multilingual global staff is more than qualified to assist. The end result is intelligent interactions that improve workplace satisfaction and drive improved productivity for your employees, managers and retained HR staff—all guided by your HR organisation, newly liberated to focus on developing strategy that brings real value to your business.

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