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Accounts payable processes

Despite significant investments in transaction processing systems, do you still experience escalating costs, significant risk of errors, limited efficiency, impeded cash flow and poor compliance with policies? The Global Process Services Finance and Administration Accounts Payable solution from IBM helps consolidate standardise and automate your processes so you can reduce costs, minimise manual intervention, enhance efficiency and increase payable-related cash flow while enabling regulatory compliance through improved business controls.


As your business grows in size and complexity, the lack of a robust, end-to-end accounts payable solution can result in several challenges-increasing costs, high error rates, inefficiency, impeded cash flow and risk of non-compliance. You need a solution that can help you achieve your long-term strategic and financial goals in order to remain competitive. The Accounts Payable solution from IBM is designed to simplify and optimise your transaction processing activities through process consolidation, automation and standardisation. We leverage leading-edge technology, enhanced analytics tools and a proven methodology to help you reduce costs, enhance efficiency, increase visibility and improve access to working capital. The benefits offered by our solution can transform your business by providing a flexible, scalable delivery model that helps accelerate your return on investment and establishes a foundation for long-term growth.

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Accounts payable processes

Innovate your accounts payable processes with IBM’s proven EPIC methodology.