"The appliance solution is a critical part of our business processes, helping us remain competitive and compliant."

Director, Security Operations, An International Retailing Group


Leverage cloud computing and support mobile and other interactive capabilities in your stores, and ensure security and privacy for your organization and your customers.

How it works

By using interactive mobile capabilities that consumers demand and employees need, you can upgrade store infrastructure, implement stronger retail security, rethink process controls, and work with law enforcement to investigate intrusion attempts. This solution can move the store IT infrastructure to an enterprise IT infrastructure, while keeping it safe and secure, by:

  • Providing enterprise security strategy to anticipate future security issues through early detection, removal, and remedy
  • Speeding up time to deployment of new functionality and lowering probability of security breaches
  • Advancing technology platforms designed to reduce waste and facilitate rapid, low-cost application deployment and store IT infrastructure optimization

How you benefit

By implementing a collection of retail security and store infrastructure solutions, you can reduce overall IT spend, create faster time to deployment of new functionality, and lower the probability of security breaches.

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