"Cognitive analytics has transformed our understanding of customer behavior and our retail strategy."

Mark Summerill

Head of Product Development, Honest Café


Get to know your customers as groups, individuals, and through lifestyle changes, and effectively use that information to facilitate strong relationships with your brand.

How it works

By collecting as much available information on your customer as possible—including transactional data, personal data, and unstructured data like social media data and blog data—and then using that information to drive insight and power into customer interactions, you can foster customer engagement on a personal level.

How you benefit

By implementing a collection of these solutions, retailers can increase sales, increase margins, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Colm O'Brien

Colm O'Brien

Director, Offerings & Solutions, Global Consumer Industry | IBM Industry Academy Member

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Vish Ganapathy

VP, CTO, Global Consumer Industry | IBM Industry Academy Member

Etain Seymour

Etain Seymour

Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions Lead, Global Consumer Industry

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