Our solutions are designed to help you better understand what is happening within current patient populations and actively manage future patient population needs and trends. Transform the way you deliver health and wellness by harnessing previously untapped medical data to discover more than ever thought possible.

How it works

Put existing data to use with domain expertise across chronic and at-risk populations. Our automated engagement and care management platforms help manage the populations you serve— right down to the individual—to reduce workload and provide trackable and transparent data, enabling care teams to reach the right patient, for the right reason, at the right time.

Population health management (PHM) requires a data-driven process enabled through technology. IBM Watson Health solutions are delivered as a Software-as-a-Service and provides robust data integration and aggregation competency, risk-stratified analytics performance measurement reporting, care management and care coordination tools, and patient engagement solutions that encourage every member of the care team to function at the highest level.

Predictive analytics can help your organization to be proactive, strategic, and efficient in aligning resources and services for patients. With our data models, we can unify data for better health insights, empowering healthcare IT teams to rapidly harvest and analyze big data from clinical, financial, and operational systems, using a security-rich, cloud-based superstructure.

How you can benefit

This comprehensive solution portfolio derives insights from both your structured and unstructured content. In high-risk populations, it fuels improved patient care through early interventions and helps new reimbursement models for quality care meet compliance. Enable greater collaboration, efficiency, connectivity, and actionable data to enhance care coordination, and extend patient engagement capabilities to manage populations and achieve the Triple Aim to lower cost, improve quality and the patient experience.

Meet our Healthcare experts

Todd Kalyniuk

Todd Kalyniuk

Partner, Healthcare Transformation, Watson Group

Angus Mccann

Angus Mccann

Healthcare Specialist, IBM European Healthcare

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