Health system performance & optimization

CASE STUDY: Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America

Advancing research and improving care with a hybrid IBM Cloud hosting solution

Established a dedicated, security-rich hosting environment for a research exchange and knowledge platform that centralizes patient health data and biosamples while safeguarding personal information.

CASE STUDY: University Medical Center Freiburg

Accelerates integration across critical systems using IBM

Using IBM Integration foundation technology connected the hospital’s business and patient care applications with its clinical and patient data storage systems, to enable a full view of patient care to support advancements in medical center efficiency.

CASE STUDY: Quest Diagnostics

Unlocking the secrets of clinical success from billions of lab results

IBM BigInsights helps Quest Diagnostics ingest, normalize and analyze huge data-sets, delivering new insight into clinical outcomes for physicians, hospitals, and millions of patients.

CASE STUDY: KPJ Healthcare Berhad

Private healthcare cloud infrastructure launched for secure medical services provisioning

KPJ developed a private cloud solution for its primary and secondary data centers in Malaysia and its four hospitals abroad, enabling it to consolidate and unify its vast medical records and associated medical information network. The secure cloud infrastructure helps the organization provide better services to patients and their families and operate at a reduced cost with greater efficiency, reliability and flexibility.

CASE STUDY: Infirmary Health System

Infirmary Health System strengthened its security and endpoint management

Infirmary Health System strengthened its security and endpoint management to better protect data and meet HIPAA and meaningful use requirements.

Population health insights & care management

Individual insights & engagement

CASE STUDY: Meander Medical Center

Meander Medical Center unites physical and digital healing environments with IBM Digital Experience software to help deliver web portal and mobile access to healthcare services

As the number of registered patient portal and mobile app users grows, Meander is moving forward on delivering new digital services and enhancing care coordination by deploying collaborative intranet and extranet capabilities.

CASE STUDY: Victorian Order of Nurses

Showcasing the success of care programs with analytics in the cloud

The Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) adopted a cloud-based solution to assess participants in its classes—proving that its exercise program reduced falls by up to 72 percent, and helping it advocate for further funding for the program.

CASE STUDY: Arch Health Partners

Population health management platform anchors Arch Health’s team approach to lowering hypertension

To help improve the health of its hypertensive patients, Arch Health Partners initiated an eight-week population health management pilot using the Phytel population health management platform to identify and engage patients with out-of-control hypertension. Using its automation capabilities, they were able to build a faster, easier and more accurate patient registry that helped drive patient engagement and improve outcomes.

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