Digital Customer

CASE STUDY: PPL Corporation

Using predictive analytics to drive real bottom-line value

PPL Corporation partnered with IBM to predict which customers would enter into collections, gaining insight from 32-terabytes of data across 1.5 million meters – every 15 minutes. PPL Corporation and IBM are collaborating on a project to develop the IBM Data Model for Energy and Utilities.

  • Predicts collection rate with 99% accuracy
Dollar Bank, Bank of Montreal, and ING


Monitoring energy usage in near-real time to reduce consumption

Edelia enables consumers to control their consumption and reduce their carbon footprint by monitoring energy usage in near-real time.

CASE STUDY: Slovenský plynáre Nskýpriemysel, a. s. (SPP)

Reducing churn and gaining new customers with analytics

Using customer segmentation, achieved by analytical modeling, SPP can reach the right customers with the right product offers

Disruptive Innovation

CASE STUDY: National Grid

Strategic asset management to improve electricity network planning and maintenance

National Grid partnered with IBM to deploy Strategic Asset Management to optimize asset performance across 350 sites using a single portal and analytics-based decision support tools.

  • 350 different sites consolidated into a single portal
CASE STUDY: National Grid

CASE STUDY: Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority

Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority reduces its annual maintenance by about 40%

Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority uses IBM® Maximo® Asset Management as a platform to integrate other systems through a service oriented architecture framework.

  • 40% less annual maintenance


E.ON works with IBM to strengthen its security, compliance and policy enforcement

Using IBM® Security Identity Governance, the company has greater transparency of trader access rights and can resolve separation of duty violations before they become a security risk.

  • 60-80% decreased reporting times


Oncor delivers customer benefits through an integrated smart grid

Empowered customers and a comprehensive view of infrastructure helped this Texas utility proactively identify and fix outages, reduce consumption and improve emergency-response time by as much as 40%.


DTE Energy transforms from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance

DTE Energy unlocks synergy and gains flexibility with integrated business processes, driving lower costs and higher reliability.

  • 80% proactive maintenance

Energy Integrator


Fingrid is using IBM Internet of Things solutions to create a smarter grid

Fingrid built a centralized asset management and big data analytics platform to enable predictive maintenance, save costs and boost reliability.

  • Up to 99% faster fault analysis


Turning climate into capital with big data

Vestas uses one of the largest supercomputers worldwide along with a new big data modeling solution to slice weeks from data processing times and support 10 times the amount of data for more accurate turbine placement decisions.

  • 97% faster response time for forcasting information
  • 40% decreased energy consumption


CPFL Energia is reducing risk and boosting customer service with accelerated billing runs

The third-largest electric utility in Brazil used a flash-based storage system to cut overnight invoice processing time from 8 hours to 5 enabling them to onboard two million additional customers and improve call center responsiveness.

  • cut billing time 37% with an all-flash storage system

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