Why meet with IBM at IFA?

We all know far too well that the modern industrial world brings simply too much data, too many variables and a huge amount of information locked up in decades of human experience. We need a new way of thinking, a new approach.

At IBM, we believe in the power and potential of digital transformation to create new value by sensing, learning from and continuously optimizing the way we do business today.

With our clients, we are pushing beyond the connectivity of machines and the gathering and managing of data. Our work is focused on expertise across all industries and markets and our insights can help our clients create new business insights, new offerings and new ways of operating.

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Join us at IFA and meet our leaders to discuss the benefits of cognitive systems for your business.

picture of Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson

Global Managing Director, Electronics Industry

picture of Edwin van Vianen

Edwin van Vianen

Senior Executive Consultancy & Business Development, Global Electronics Industry

picture of Martin Kienzle

Martin Kienzle

Electronics Industry Leader, Member IBM Industry Academy

picture of Scott Burnett

Scott Burnett

Global Director, Electronics Industry - IBM Industry Academy Member

picture of Matthieu van Bilsen

Matthieu van Bilsen

Global Electronics Industry Leader – Cognitive Operations

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