We have a powerful beer portfolio, and customizing it for our retailers’ customers creates tremendous value. A retailer that offers an optimal assortment of products can transform the way its customers perceive it. Instead of being just a standard liquor store or restaurant, it can become a destination for beer-lovers far and wide.

Matt Canon

Business Planning and Analysis Manager
Andrews Distributing


Improve planning and collaboration with channel partner analytics by having insights into channel partner sales, merchandising conditions, and inventory.

How it works

This solution family allows manufacturers to improve trade-spend analytics based on deep insights into channel partner performance, increase effectiveness in trade-funds execution, and enhance shelf-assortment and analytics.

How you benefit

By implementing the Channel Partner Analytics & Collaboration solutions, consumer products companies can experience improved forecast accuracy, improved utilization of trade funds and trade-spend ROI, reduced trade-fund overspend, improved new-product introductions, and improved category growth.

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