Decrease end-to-end latency and support real-time analytics of structured and unstructured data, and analyze market activity in real-time to identify and investigate possible violations of market regulations and trading rules.

How it works

Our Trade Management solution comprises multiple offerings to help you meet your businesses needs. Our experts can help you determine which of the following solutions will work best for accomplishing your goals.

  • Algorithmics Trading is a front office scalable solution designed to decrease end-to-end latency of automated trading and supports real-time analytics of structured and unstructured data as trading decision inputs along with data storage for trading strategy.
  • Cross Asset Platform is an open system that provides a scalable infrastructure and tooling to build analytics based on a single view of data—real-time, near real-time, or historical—which are key requirements for cross-asset trading. Out of the box, it delivers a set of market data analytics that can be used and customized for trading decisions.
  • Next-Generation Trading Infrastructure is a high performance exchange platform capable of low microsecond response times and millions of orders per second in throughput. Robust High availability on commodity hardware allowing Tandem non-stops to be eliminated.
  • Market Integrity (Market Surveillance and Trade Monitoring) Solution helps track and analyze market activity in real-time to identify and investigate possible violations of market regulations and trading rules. Leverage advanced pattern-mining capabilities and statistical models to review market information and identify exceptions in large volumes of data, and develop profiles and test scenarios that can be leveraged to create or update rules.

IBM advantage

Our Algorithmic Trading, Cross Asset Platform, Next Generation Trading Infrastructure, and Market Integrity solutions enable you to streamline and optimize your operation’s trade management—ultimately increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

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