"Last year, when concerns arose about one of our large financial counterparties, it gave us a perfect opportunity to test our new solution. With spreadsheet-based analysis, it took seven days to calculate our total exposure to that particular counterparty. With IBM Algo Credit Manager, we got to the same answer in two minutes."

Dale Vice

Head of Change, Barclays Africa


Make risk management a priority in this evolving financial industry by improving the quality and speed of risk reporting, insight, and decision-making.

How it works

By applying data modeling, predictive analytics, decision support tools, and comprehensive reporting you can better monitor, measure, and manage market and credit risk exposure across multiple silos. This solution allows you to:

  • Leverage the depth and breadth of integrated IBM solutions needed to address Basel FRTB— representing a profound change in how banks measure market risk within the trading book
  • Measure and manage the market and credit risks of your financial institution across all asset classes, product types, and industry sectors
  • Enable a predictive approach to risk modeling in a safe and controlled environment to quantify, model, integrate, test, and evaluate scenarios at an aggregated level of data
  • Integrate risk and finance processes for business modeling, planning and strategy- execution alignment
  • Enable your enterprise to exploit its understanding of its risk profile to maximize revenue and profit
  • Simplify and streamline the entire risk data process using structured & unstructured data

The benefits

IBM offers an integrated set of risk solutions that allow banks to calculate, measure, monitor, manage and report on their financial risks. By adopting this enterprise approach banks can achieve compliance and maximize profitability.

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