Systems of engagement and systems of insight

New financial technology companies are disrupting the market. In order to stay competitive, wealth management firms need to take a fresh approach, supplementing legacy applications with systems of engagement and systems of insight. Additionally, optimization of back office processes and core systems will allow you to spend more time and resources focusing on how to create better client experiences.

How it works

This solution is comprised of different components that can help your firm respond to evolving market needs. We can help you determine which tools and services will help you develop a more holistic experience for your clients, as well as create a more effective and efficient operation.

  • Digital Wealth Management addresses NextGen and underserved segments by launching a natively goals-based, semi-advised digital wealth offering via online, mobile, and desktop.
  • Smarter Advisor creates a set of digital assistants that collect, enhance, and deliver insights to the Advisor and Client in a simple, natural way.
  • Digital Service Delivery (End-to-End Digitization) deploys a client and FA centered service platform that natively supports goals-based investing and provides the flexibility of switching back offices.
  • Platform Transformation (Core Systems Modernization): Leverage design thinking and agile to modernize legacy infrastructure and help deliver on goals-based investing. This includes core modernization, and rethinking securities processing utilizing blockchain.

How you benefit

We take Digital Wealth Management the extra mile by incorporating cognitive capabilities, including a pre-configured offering, Client Insight for Wealth Management. This allows you to improve your client service by engaging with clients on the channel of their choice, with welcoming modern experiences, establishing consistent, need-based personalized advice, and empowering relationship managers to focus on areas of greatest impact—ultimately leading to greater client satisfaction and loyalty.

Featured Solution – IBM Watson Client Insight for Wealth Management

IBM Watson Client Insight for Wealth Management helps you deeply understand client behaviors and provide a data-driven approach to personalized financial advice.

  • Maximize productivity with pre-built dashboards, or by integrating powerful new insights into your favorite CRM system
  • Provide high touch client engagement more efficiently via client-level behavioral
  • Reinforce client loyalty with recommended retention strategies, and predict client attrition up to 30 days in advance
  • Generate incremental revenue with targeted product recommendations and a deeper understanding of individual client preferences

IBM Watson Client Insight for Wealth Management is now available on Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. Users of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud now have access to powerful insights from IBM Watson Client Insight for Wealth Management within the CRM dashboard.

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