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The right technology is essential to lead the rapidly changing financial services marketplace. Just as important is the industry expertise to put that technology to its best use. With IBM you get unmatched cloud services, industry leading technologies and skilled experts, enabling you to create solutions that will win, serve and retain customers.

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IBM invites you to meet with our professionals at Sibos 2017 to discover how the right platform and the right people can help you thrive.

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Monday, October 16, 9:30 – 10:30
Sibos Community Session

What does the future hold for banks – Evolution or extinction?

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Just a decade or two ago, the world’s technology giants were startups in the proverbial garages of California, or any number of other hotbeds of innovation. Yet by now, they have disrupted most spheres of the real economy: commerce, transport, advertising, news, media…

On the other hand, we’ve been hearing for many decades of the impending demise of banks due to a tectonic shift in technology. Yet those same banks have by and large managed to evolve by integrating those obviously not-so-deadly killer apps.

If you ask a banker off the record, you might hear of fears of the commoditization of the banking business, becoming an infrastructure underneath nimble, real-time applications where all the fun – and profit – happens. And (now on the record) how this will drive large banks towards becoming open platforms…

Open platforms being a model technology giants have already embraced to their benefit at very large scale, giving them a big head start… while banks benefited from having exclusive access to client’s transactional data, not just histories of clicks – until regulators remove even that advantage from them!
So amongst all of these trends, what will survival of the fittest look like?

Monday, October 16, 12:30 – 13:30
Sibos Community Session

Helping your clients manage change in the payments industry

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There are multiple regional and global initiatives underway to modernize the payment industry. All have one thing in common, for customers to achieve benefits, more likely than not, they will need to re-think how they make and receive payments. These changes can be extremely complex and create opportunities and risks for your clients. The session will focus on how to help guide clients through the challenges and help them find new ways of transacting with their clients, vendors, and other third parties to achieve the benefits.

Monday, October 16, 15:30 – 16:30
Sibos Community Session

Payments to the power of blockchain

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Blockchain has quickly moved from hype to reality. IBM, a founding member of Hyperledger, a Linux Foundation project, has engaged with over 400 clients across industries to start implementing blockchain technology, building active networks and applying it to use cases such as trade finance, KYC and payments.

IBM is building a first universal network for real-time clearing and settlement for multiple financial assets, initially focusing on cash, cross-border payment and foreign exchange.

Join this panel discussion to learn more from IBM and industry leaders across the globe leveraging the multi-asset network on blockchain. Following the session will be questions and answers.

Monday, October 16, 16:15 – 16:45
Sibos Community Session

Payments modernization in the digital age

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From regulatory pressures and new payment schemes, to rising customer expectations, we are seeing tremendous momentum as banks strive to provide real-time transaction processing. This transformation goes beyond nimble, modern payment processing, it is also about extracting insights that will help drive future services, lower one’s risk exposure to fraud and improve operational efficiency.

Our panel of banking leaders will discuss the journey their organizations are embarking on to deliver improved immediate payment services.

Wednesday, October 18, 14:00 – 15:00
Compliance Forum

AML and assurance – Can RegTech define a better path?

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The cost of compliance continues to climb, yet money laundering and terrorist financing operations continue unabated. Banks face a two-fold challenge: adapting to evolving regulatory requirements while applying yesterday’s technology to the AML landscape of today and tomorrow.

Clearly something has to give – but what? Can RegTech transform AML in the same way FinTech has reshaped payments, insurance and investment management? Can technology make processes and controls more accurate and effective? As a non-competitive area, could collaboration help provide innovative solutions and improve results? If third-party service providers offer independent assurance that institutional controls are working, will regulators accept the results?

Thursday, October 19, 14:00 – 15:00
Banking Forum

Operation transformation in technology for multi-banked corporations

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We are witnessing a period of rapid technological transformation and are seeing new industry collaboration models for banks and corporates emerge. What are the key trends and how can we reinforce collaboration between banks and corporations - in which areas is particular attention needed? With data driven treasury becoming the new norm, in this session we will explore whether banks have become IT companies and what that means.

With growing demand for agile financing from digitally driven customers, new regulation and pioneering technology in the corporate space, is there a need for banks to put a priority on innovation over legacy?

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Blockchain is radically simplifying processes, driving substantial structural cost reduction and improving security.

Need for speed, accelerating payments is creating disruption, risk and massive opportunity, all at the same time.

The need for renewed trust: Blockchain – secure, immutable, transparent and scalable.

Schedule time with us for a discussion of your needs and questions.

IBM invites you to meet with our professionals at Sibos 2017 to discover how the right platform and the right people can help you thrive.