Connected Vehicle

CASE STUDY: Daimler moovel

IBM and Daimler moovel create revolutionary car-sharing app

Daimler pioneered the first free-floating carsharing concept car2go. At this time, app and cloud technology did not exist or where fairly rudimentary. With support of IBM's solutions and expertise, Daimler’s subsidiary moovel GmbH is now able to successfully develop state-of-the-art apps.

Moovel Case study


Bringing social networking to drivers with IBM MessageSight

Scania is using IBM MessageSight to extend their messaging infrastructure, improve driver communications, provide faster response time, and deliver more profitable fleets.

Scania Case study

CASE STUDY: Local Motors

Local Motors is driving to reinvent the Automotive Value Chain with Cognitive Computing

Using platforms such as Bluemix, Local Motors will be able to open source its data, allowing people to run algorithms or write scripts.

Industry 4.0

CASE STUDY: Bosch Automotive

Improving collaboration among engineers with Collaborative Lifecycle Management

Bosch Automotive deploys IBM Continuous Engineering solutions for faster development, less rework and faster resolution.

Bosch Case study

CASE STUDY: Volvo Group

Achieving better processes with predictive maintenance

Volvo Group invests in a new predictive analytics platform using IBM SPSS for vehicle information residing in their enterprise data warehouse in order to fulfill the uptime commitments on its trucks.

CASE STUDY: Nissan Australia

Aligning sales, marketing, supply chain and operations to boost market share with IBM Analytics

Analytics helps Nissan optimize “car flow”, providing insight into the production, arrival, inventory and wholesale flow of new vehicles to optimize inventory management and financial forecasting.

Nissan Austraila

CASE STUDY: Motor-Talk

Unlocking eye-opening insights into consumer opinions with cutting-edge analytics

MOTOR-TALK, Europe’s largest online community for motoring enthusiasts, is using IBM® Analytics software to examine posts in its forums and understand how people perceive manufacturers and brands.


Transform Automotive Retail


Owning the luxury experience down the road

IBM helps Jaguar create a 3D virtual application for customers to customize and test drive their cars, allowing Jaguar to cut down on inventory.


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