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Preparing for the Road Ahead:
Reaching ASPICE Certification with Modern Engineering Tools

Automotive News webcast Wednesday, Oct 19th

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Leverage our deep automotive industry expertise and solution portfolio to develop intelligent, sustainable vehicles, expand service opportunities to exploit increasing vehicle connectivity, deliver personal and immersive customer experiences, and predict and avert manufacturing and supply chain disruptions.

Address your critical business needs:

Capitalize on services opportunities for intelligent, connected vehicles

Enable new services and business models while making driving safer, more efficient and convenient by leveraging big data and analytics, cloud, mobile and security technologies to connect vehicles and exploit vehicle data.

Transform automotive retail

Improve sales and brand loyalty by leveraging customer data and interactive technologies to build deeper relationship with prospects and buyers and to improve the customer experience.

Rapidly launch increasingly complex, sustainable vehicles

Respond to customer demands, integrate innovations from partners, and bring products to market quickly and efficiently by optimizing your software engineering and product development processes.

Build and optimize dynamic value chains

Optimize manufacturing productivity and quality by creating an end-to-end view of your value chain and using supply chain solutions to enable better decision making and improved material and production flow.

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