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Mobility. Cloud. Virtualization. They enable your workforce to meet business demands anytime, anywhere. But proliferating devices, platforms and applications can also make your IT infrastructure unwieldy, and end-user support a lot more complicated. Just keeping up with the latest technologies can challenge limited resources - and your patience.

IBM helps you make sense of it all, leveraging sophisticated analytics for better decision-making up front and intelligent support for your workforce once the transformation is underway. With IBM Research-developed algorithms, industry-leading service management tools and a comprehensive portfolio of end-user support, service desk, mobility and desktop virtualization services, we can help drive workforce productivity improvements across your enterprise.

Explore the possibilities

  • Create a virtual workplace

    Move your traditional desktops to the cloud and virtualized environments. IBM's assessment and migration services create a dashboard to help you accurately quantify and predict user workload, power consumption, application performance and security concerns so you can migrate in weeks, not months.

    The IBM assessment helps establish a roadmap to help you achieve up to 40 percent of total end-user support cost savings (deskside support, security, power and more) with virtual desktops hosted in the data center and accessed anywhere. Typical payback is between 8 and 18 months, but varies by workload and client.

  • Solve incidents and problems proactively

    Improve response time to users for first-call resolution by up to 40%. Our analytics automatically identify problem groups using free-form text searches, uncover root causes in seconds instead of minutes, and prioritize fixes faster.

    Based on IBM's mature analytics toolkit, we:

  • Analyze and automate for cost take-out

    Hands-on, labor-intensive work is expensive. The IBM "Right-to-Left" strategy offers an analytical approach to cost take-out, efficiency and workforce productivity. Moving support to more self-enablement, remote resolution and automation helps reduce costs and speed problem-solving.

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