IBM Express Managed Security Services for e-mail security

How it works

Turn it on for round-the-clock service

When you buy and set up IBM Express Managed Services for e-mail security, your dedicated domain's e-mail traffic is routed to initially pass through our managed servers, where it is scanned for signs of issues such as virus infections, objectionable imagery or proprietary company information. The types of issues scanned for are determined by the types of email security services that you choose. There are four e-mail security "modules" you can choose – Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Image Control and Content Control. Choose one or all of them.

Get the "managed security advantage"

Because it's a managed service, Express Managed Security Services for e-mail security offers several advantages over hardware- or software-based solutions. Because the scanning servers are continuously and automatically updated to help identify and eliminate new and emerging threats, your risk of exposure to breaches during the "threat gap" (the time during which a new threat is identified, a security patch is developed and your ability to install the patch) is decreased.

Moreover, since the service is provided in four distinct modules, each one addressing a specific threat type, it's easy for you to choose which threats you want to address. And you can quickly and easily "turn on" or "turn off" the modules as your business needs change. Learn more about each module below.

Additional benefits to you:

Anti-virus module

What it does: Helps eliminate viruses, worms, malware and executable code from inbound e-mails.

How it works:

Why you need it: Keeps bad e-mails off your network, out of your mail servers and out of your employee's inboxes, where they can launch potentially crippling attacks against your systems.

Why IBM can do it better: Our predictive technology can sniff out previously unknown viruses, where most other solutions depend exclusively on lists of existing virus signatures. Updates are continuously and automatically performed across the network. Updates are also applied in the event of a new outbreak, providing zero-hour protection from even the most advanced e-mail viruses, worms and other forms of malware.

Anti-spam module

What it does: Helps filter incoming spam.

How it works:

  1. E-mail is routed through our scanning servers where it is responsively analyzed against a huge database of known threats.
  2. Known spamming sources are also identified from block sender lists.
  3. Predictive technology scans for new spam techniques.
  4. E-mail that is spam is handled according to rules you set, while clean e-mails are delivered to the recipient.

Why you need it: Reduces the volume of e-mail coming into your network, resulting in reduced bandwidth, storage and management costs. Reduces productivity drains inherent to manual scanning.

Why IBM can do it better: Combines the best commercial scanners available into one service with value added services and support only IBM can provide. Predictive analysis incorporates thousands of heuristics rules, Bayesian learning, smart signatures, fuzzy fingerprinting and dynamic header analysis. The technology learns from each message it processes, evolving and updating in real time to actively protect against the latest spam techniques while virtually eliminating false positives.

Image control module

What it does: Filters out inbound and outbound e-mail containing inappropriate image content.

How it works:

  1. Inbound and outbound e-mail sent to or from your messaging system is first sent to our scanning servers.
  2. Image control software scan e-mails and detects inappropriate images by using technology that goes beyond standard flesh tone analysis to include image composition analysis.
  3. According to sensitivity settings you set, the e-mail can be blocked and deleted, redirected to or copied to administrators or simply logged.

Why you need it: Enforcing an acceptable usage policy is difficult and time-consuming to do manually. The image control module polices your e-mail automatically, helping to reduce your exposure to potential sexual harassment liability and helping to keep your brand untarnished.

Why IBM can do it better: Sophisticated predictive analysis offers you a proactive way to stop inappropriate images before they reach your network, helping to mitigate your risk and increasing your compliance with your own usage policies.

Content control module

What it does: Helps you identify and control the content of e-mails sent or received by your employees.

How it works:

  1. Inbound and outbound e-mail sent to or from your messaging system is first sent to our scanning servers.
  2. The e-mails are examined using textual scanning, lexical analysis and attachment controls.
  3. E-mails can be blocked and quarantined for examination based on several criteria, among them: keywords, attachment file formats, domains and block lists.

Why you need it: Helps protect intellectual property or confidential information through enforcement of security policies. Also helps guard against inappropriate content that can put you at risk and jeopardize your brand.

Why IBM can do it better: The module's rich content controls enable you to be very specific about the kinds of materials that are prohibited, helping you eliminate the false positives that could hamper communication and impact productivity.

*Five days' prior written notice to IBM is required in order to cancel the Services during the 30-day risk-free period. This service delivers remote email screening only. Other services required to complete a total security solution are available from IBM but are not included under this offering. Registered domain required. Minimum order is 25 addresses at a per address price of $2.00.