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Discount discontents: How loyalty programs can deepen engagement, improve profits and drive brand allegiance

Updated 20 Oct 2015

To gain true customer loyalty, travel loyalty programs must reward travelers for profitable decisions, incentivize interactions between travelers and brands, and experiment with personalization opportunities..

The millennial monsoon: Improving returns from a young generation of travelers

Updated 20 Nov 2014

To win over the millennial generation, providers must understand, attract and cater to select sub-segments with differentiated products and services.

Shifting Transport Paradigms - 3D printing, transportation, logistics, warehousing, scenario envision, automation

Updated 06 Oct 2014

How transportation providers can capitalize on rapidly emerging 3D printing technology.

The digital reinvention of travel - Following travelers into a radically different tomorrow

Updated 07 Jul 2014

To compete in an everyone-to-everyone economy, travel executives must think disruptively, welcome external influences and make targeted digital investments

New routes to profitability: Reinventing the airline business model with creative leadership, focused experimentation and industry innovation

Updated 19 Nov 2012

Airline business models, platform-based business model, asset-light, regional carriers, low-cost carriers, full-service carriers, defensive business model, innovative business model, disruptive business model, Consolidation, cost of capital

Travel 2020: The distribution dilemma

Updated 18 Oct 2011

New technologies and business models offer the potential for online differentiation and the provision of value-added services and features for which travelers will pay a premium.

Hotel 2020: The personalization paradox: Driving intimacy, consistency and efficiency for profitable growth

Updated 01 Jun 2011

In an age of increasing competition, hotels need to focus of personalization and standardization of services to meet the growing expectations of technology enabled consumers.

Airlines 2020: Subsitution and commoditization

Updated 21 Dec 2010

As airlines continue to deal with the challenges that have confronted them over the past decade, they must also now turn their attention to the dual threats of substitution and commoditization.

The Smarter Railroad: An opportunity for the railroad industry

Updated 11 Feb 2009

Building a smarter railroad will require taking bold steps, making investments and creating real transformation.

Making connections: Using SOA to enable collaboration in travel and transportation

Updated 23 Jan 2009

With cross-border travel and international trade continuing to increase, service-oriented architecture provides an opportunity for disparate systems to communicate with each other in realtime to enhance passenger security, reduce travel delays and facilitate customs processes.

The Enterprise of the Future... in the travel industry

Updated 31 Oct 2008

CEOs from the travel industry share their views on the future of business.

Committed customers or captives? Making travel loyalty programs more valuable, relevant and differentiating

Updated 22 Aug 2008

For travel providers, market leadership will require new strategic decisions and key investments that improve both the customer experience and customer loyalty by acquiring and applying deeper customer insights.

Beyond the carousel: Better baggage handling through enhanced collaboration among airlines and airports

Updated 27 Mar 2007

Read about how airlines and airports can prepare for the future flood of passengers and their baggage – not just to cope with the challenge, but to profit from the opportunity it brings?

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