The digital reinvention of travel

Following travelers into a radically different tomorrow

The Internet transformed commercial transactions between travel companies and their customers in the late 1990s. Today, social media, mobile devices, analytics and cloud are ushering yet another new era of change into the travel industry. Collectively, these digital developments are transforming how travelers interact with the companies that serve them. Travelers are more connected and empowered, increasingly seeking digital engagement with greater transparency. What’s more, many travel companies face competition from different areas.

In a manner reminiscent of the boom, the use of social media by consumers — as well as its adoption by corporations — is exploding. At the same time, a mobile revolution is well underway, presenting a steady stream of improvements that make customer-company interactions more timely and relevant. Both these developments are already proving transformative, and both are expected to generate vast amounts of new data that will fuel yet another wave of revolutionary change.

The power of analytics is indisputable, even as travel companies are learning how to fully tap into that power. And in adjacent indus¬tries, cloud is not just enabling business — it is redefining consumer value while sparking innovative operations and business models. All this portends a significantly different, and far more digitally enabled future for travelers and the providers that compete for their business.

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  • Steve Peterson

    Steve Peterson

    Travel & Transportation industry leader, IBM Institute for Business Value
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  • Anthony Marshall.

    Anthony Marshall

    Program Director of IBM Global CEO Study, and Strategy and Transformation Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value
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