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ExpertInsights@IBV. The modern mainframe: A banking platform from the future

The modern mainframe: A banking platform from the future

Updated 13 Oct 2017

The worldwide financial services industry recognizes the modern mainframe computer as essential for conducting business and transactions that cannot afford to fail.

Sharpening your digital edge - Digital reinvention in industrial products

Sharpening your digital edge: Digital Reinvention in industrial products

Updated 27 Mar 2017

The industrial products industry must digitally reinvent its enterprises to keep up with technological disruption.

Enterprise innovation in the cognitive era: Igniting cultural transformation for the future of work

Enterprise innovation in the cognitive era: Igniting cultural transformation for the future of work

Updated 19 Dec 2016

How does a company become a cognitive business that can think collectively and respond in novel ways to the marketplace?

Entrepreneurial India: How startups redefine India’s economic growth

Entrepreneurial India: How startups redefine India’s economic growth

Updated 18 Nov 2016

More engagement between India’s startup and traditional organizations can reap benefits that extend well beyond the startups, driving growth for the Indian economy overall.

Cybersecurity in the cognitive era: Priming your digital immune system

Cybersecurity in the cognitive era: Priming your digital immune system

Updated 01 Nov 2016

In the cognitive era, organizations face well-known security challenges that lead to gaps in intelligence, speed and accuracy when confronting threats and incidents.

Analytics: Dawn of the cognitive era: How early adopters have raised the bar for data-driven insights

Analytics: Dawn of the cognitive era: How early adopters have raised the bar for data-driven insights

Updated 18 Oct 2016

A small group of visionary organizations are leveraging cognitive capabilities – and taking data-driven insights to the next level.

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The cognitive bank: Decoding data to bolster growth and transform the enterprise

Updated 20 Sep 2016

Banks need to analyze previously untapped data that can help improve revenues, operations and customer engagement.


Tailoring hybrid cloud: Designing the right mix for innovation, efficiency and growth

Updated 01 Sep 2016

The particular needs and business conditions of each enterprise help define its optimal hybrid solution: most often, a blend of public cloud, private cloud and traditional IT platforms.

New CFO horizons: The dawn of cognitive performance analytics

Updated 19 Aug 2016

Learn how high-performing finance teams are using analytics and cognitive computing to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

The API economy: How to unlock value with new business models and winning experiences

Updated 18 Jul 2016

As the API economy evolves, organizations can leverage API adoption drivers and new business models to create dynamic API experiences for consumers and developers.

Fast forward: Rethinking enterprises, ecosystems and economies with blockchains

Updated 28 Jun 2016

Our analysis of the impact of blockchains across the enterprise, ecosystems and economies shows that frictions can be greatly reduced or even eliminated, leading to a new economic equation for organizations, trust and value exchange.

The Chief Data Officer playbook: Creating a game plan to sharpen your digital edge

Updated 25 May 2016

The Chief Data Officer is increasingly the C-suite’s solution to navigating today’s disruptive, dynamic, data-intensive world.

The Business of Things: Designing business models to win in the cognitive IoT

Updated 04 Jan 2016

As the IoT becomes ubiquitous, and embedding connectivity and intelligence get cheaper, companies must learn to compete in the Business of Things.

New technology, new mindset: Strategic IT infrastructures to compete in the digital economy

Updated 30 Sep 2015

Digitization brings major changes in both the IT infrastructure, and how the IT organization thinks of itself and the future.

Your cognitive future: Industry perspective: How cognitive computing capabilities can help vitalize industries and impact the future

Updated 04 Sep 2015

Industry-specific reports reveal how cognitive computing helps organizations blaze new territory and push the boundaries of innovation and growth.


Cloud for industries: Charting the path for cloud adoption that transforms business

Updated 14 Jul 2015

How best can organizations use cloud-enabled business models to transform operations, customer relationships and industry value chains?


The Economy of Things: Extracting value from the Internet of Things

Updated 23 Jun 2015

Companies must grasp the scale of IoT transformation ahead and prepare now to profit from the new Economy of Things.


Empowering the edge: Practical insights on a decentralized Internet of Things

Updated 31 Mar 2015

To test device democracy’s underlying technology vision, IBM jointly developed with Samsung the ADEPT proof-of-concept: Phase 2 of 2014 IBM IoT Study.


Device democracy - Saving the future of the Internet of Things

Updated 09 Sep 2014

Scaling the IoT from billions to hundreds of billions of devices means executives must rethink the technology strategy, business models and design principles at its foundation.


The IT Infrastructure conversation - New content, new participants, new tone

Updated 01 Aug 2014

To drive competitive differentiation via IT infrastructure, forward-thinking companies are seeking new ways to use hardware, software, networking and storage.

The software edge: How effective software development and delivery drives competitive advantage

Updated 01 Mar 2013

Despite recognizing the value of effective software development, most organizations in our recent study are not prepared to take advantage of today’s technology trends to drive competitive advantage.

The Essential CIO: Insights from the 2011 IBM Global CIO Study

Updated 30 May 2011

IBM talked to over 3000 CIOs to find out how technology leaders are helping their organizations adapt to the accelerating change and complexity.

Succeeding in the new economic environment: Focus on value, opportunity, speed

Updated 17 Mar 2009

To emerge from the economic downturn in a better position, CEOs and business leaders need to focus on value, exploit opportunities and act quickly. Learn how.

Why advocacy matters to drugstores and pharmacies: Customer focus for the health and wellness of your brand

Updated 06 Mar 2007

Drugstore retailers face increasing competition from multiple retail pharma counters and online/mail-order companies, but can work to increase market share by focusing on the customer experience.

Break out or get boxed in: Leading strategies for today's food and foodservice distributors

Updated 26 Jan 2009

Food distributors' traditional value proposition, which centered on storing and transporting goods, is no longer sufficient. In a consolidating and intensely competitive industry, these distributors will need to provide more value to remain competitive.

The Enterprise of the Future... in the automotive industry

Updated 15 Jan 2009

CEOs from the Automotive industry weigh in on the future of business.

Go mobile, grow...Should mobile Internet services be the next big growth gamble for mobile device makers?

Updated 11 Dec 2008

With hardware sales slowing as a result of market saturation, mobile device makers may have the opportunity to use mobile Internet services as a new catalyst for growth.

The new economic environment: A strategic workforce perspective

Updated 10 Dec 2008

Questions about composition and capabilities of the workforce are never more pertinent that in times of economic distress, when decisions must be made that affect productivity, morale, retention of corporate knowledge and competitive positioning.

Resolving the "Privacy Paradox": Practical strategies for government identity management programs

Updated 18 Nov 2008

Technology can be used to both control and empower citizens, and governments should work toward a resolving this paradox by developing identity management solutions that provide security and engender trust, while maintaining personal privacy and civil liberty.

Understanding consumer patterns and preferences in multi-channel retailing

Updated 30 Sep 2008

This survey of over 5,000 consumers in the U.S. and the UK answers many questions retailers need to consider when evaluating multi-channel initiatives.

The Enterprise of the the Insurance Industry

Updated 05 Sep 2008

Insurance industry CEOs share their views on the future of business.

Integrated talent management

Updated 04 Sep 2008

Most organizations recognize the importance of aligning talent management and organizational strategies, and many believe they are already making progress; however, execution and integration still challenge many who participated in our recent human capital management survey.

2008 GMA information technology and effectiveness study

Updated 29 Aug 2008

To decrease the gap between what executives think IT should be doing for grocery manufacturers and consumer products companies, and what, in reality, is being accomplished, companies should invest more time during project planning to more closely align expectations of IT performance with objectives.

Automotive 2020: Clarity beyond the chaos

Updated 26 Aug 2008

Confronted by multi-dimensionsal changes in its underlying ecosystem, automakers should focus on five key areas of differentiation to position themselves for success in 2020 and beyond.


Updated 26 Aug 2008

CEOs from the chemical and petroleum industries share their views on the future of business.

Committed customers or captives? Making travel loyalty programs more valuable, relevant and differentiating

Updated 22 Aug 2008

For travel providers, market leadership will require new strategic decisions and key investments that improve both the customer experience and customer loyalty by acquiring and applying deeper customer insights.

Building customer advocacy: Growth opportunities for Brazilian retail banks

Updated 21 Aug 2008

For Brazilian banks, a new view of customer advocacy can become invaluable as they seek to differentiate their offerings and improve the profitability of customers - moving toward a well-balanced, customer-focused model can help them capitalize on their most valuable asset – their customers.

The Enterprise of the Future: IBM Global CEO Study - Life Sciences Edition

Updated 11 Aug 2008

CEOs across the Life Sciences industry weigh in on the future of business.

Healthcare 2015 and care delivery: Delivery models refined, competencies defined

Updated 01 Jul 2008

As the healthcare industry faces many challenges to the status quo worldwide, we envision the need for proactive, collaborative, systemic responses that will help providers to transform their existing service delivery models and to develop five essential competencies.

The GMA 2008 Logistics Survey: Improving efficiency in the face of mounting logistics costs

Updated 13 Jun 2008

The GMA 2008 Logistics Survey offers new insights, confirms long-held beliefs and presents an industry baseline to help each company and logistics operation devise its own customized plan of action to address the many challenges and opportunities applicable to supply chain management today.

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