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Orchestrating tomorrows supply chain: Infusing the electronics supply chain with new potential

Orchestrating tomorrows supply chain: Infusing the electronics supply chain with new potential

Updated 24 Apr 2018

Next-generation supply chain leaders and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems they manage will drive their organizations and ecosystems to maximize the usefulness of data.

The human-machine interchange: How intelligent automation is reconstructing business operations

The human-machine interchange: How intelligent automation is reconstructing business operations

Updated 13 Dec 2017

Intelligent machines are transforming the way humans interact with and benefit from technology, and the way businesses operate.

Welcome to the cognitive supply chain: Digital operations – reimagined

Updated 01 Jun 2017

Cognitive computing is playing an essential role in innovative supply chain transformations.

Sharpening your digital edge - Digital reinvention in industrial products

Sharpening your digital edge: Digital Reinvention in industrial products

Updated 27 Mar 2017

The industrial products industry must digitally reinvent its enterprises to keep up with technological disruption.

Who’s leading the cognitive pack in digital operations? Progress, priorities and profits

Updated 21 Nov 2016

The case for digital operations: high-growth/high-profit companies use more of both company-wide, integrated strategies and cognitive technologies.

Trust in trade: Toward stronger supply chains

Updated 27 Sep 2016

The modern supply chain is long on data and short on trust, but blockchains can bring breakthroughs in visibility, optimization and demand.

Thinking out of the toolbox: How digital technologies are powering the operations revolution

Updated 23 Nov 2015

Digital technology is powering an operations revolution that can give innovators a decisive competitive advantage.

The Economy of Things: Extracting value from the Internet of Things

Updated 23 Jun 2015

Companies must grasp the scale of IoT transformation ahead and prepare now to profit from the new Economy of Things.

The digital overhaul: Rethinking manufacturing for the digital age

Updated 08 May 2015

Significant advances in technology, including big data and analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and additive manufacturing, are shifting the capabilities and value proposition of global manufacturing.

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Empowering the edge: Practical insights on a decentralized Internet of Things

Updated 31 Mar 2015

To test device democracy's underlying technology vision, IBM jointly developed with Samsung the ADEPT proof-of-concept: Phase 2 of 2014 IBM IoT Study.

Digital operations transform the physical: How real-time insights can revolutionize value chains

Updated 06 Feb 2015

Senior operations executives still find it difficult to integrate data and use advanced analytics to predict demand and enhance value chain visibility for better decision-making.

Global transformation from the inside out: Optimizing the entire ecosystem

Updated 28 Apr 2014

A globally integrated enterprise combines global efficiencies with market responsiveness to address the challenges and opportunities of a global economy.

Creating a smarter enterprise - The science of transformation

Updated 23 Jan 2014

Continuous transformation restored IBM from a near-death experience two decades ago and keeps IBM solidly positioned to respond to a changing marketplace.

Chief Procurement Officer Study: Improving competitive advantage through procurement excellence

Updated 22 May 2013

The Chief Procurement Officer can be a significant contributor to organizational value and a driving force behind gaining competitive advantage.

Combating risk with predictive intelligence

Updated 28 Mar 2012

Companies with leading risk management practices are looking forward, applying “predictive intelligence” to proactively mitigate and manage complexity-fraught risks, while bringing significant value to their bottom line and their brand.

Smarter Commerce is redefining Value Chain Visibility: Connecting the Dots

Updated 30 May 2011

Smarter commerce requires synchronizing the entire value chain to deliver consistent and predictable outcomes.

Supply chain benchmarks highlight the importance of analytics for optimized performance

Updated 30 Apr 2011

Data from a recent IBM benchmarking program survey of more than 500 logistics managers suggests it is possible to quantify the benefits an organization can gain through superior analytics capabilities by analyzing key metrics, such as sales loss due to stockouts or forecast error.

New rules for a new decade: A vision for smarter supply chain management

Updated 19 Oct 2010

Three new supply chain management rules help counter complexity and demand variability and help restore supply chain stability.

Green and Beyond: Getting smarter about the environment

Updated 22 Sep 2009

Companies that develop environmentally sound strategies, programs and initiatives can begin to overcome operational constraints, enrich their brands, improve regulatory compliance and operate more effectively.

Sourcing in a demanding economic environment: Generating value in challenging times

Updated 15 Sep 2009

A volatile economic environment provides today's sourcing and procurement leaders with the opportunity to create a new roadmap for the supply chains of the future by adopting a strategic sourcing approach that business results.

Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study - Automotive Industry Edition

Updated 18 May 2009

The smarter supply chain of the future.

Blueprint for supply chain visibility: Service-oriented architecture can help drive agility, supplier collaboration and demand-driven replenishment

Updated 21 Apr 2009

Businesses should consider implementing service-oriented architecture to become increasing agile in managing supply chain issues in today's complex, global business environment.

Beyond advertising: Choosing a strategic path to the digital consumer

Updated 24 Mar 2009

The distinctions are blurring between advertising and marketing, as new forms of communication marry the return on investment (ROI)-characteristics of marketing with emotional characteristics of traditional brand advertising - in short, the old ways cannot meet the challenges of today.

Global chief supply chain study: Life sciences industry edition

Updated 17 Mar 2009

As part of our Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study, we spoke with 23 Life Sciences supply chain executives. Like their peers across industries, these executives are most concerned about supply chain visibility. But they also are wrestling with increasing customer demands, risk and globalization.

Global chief supply chain study: Metals and mining edition

Updated 17 Mar 2009

As part of our Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study, we spoke with metals and mining supply chain executives. Like their peers in other industries, M&M executives are wrestling with rising risk, supply chain visibility issues, cost volatility, globalization and increasing customer demands.

Performance in reserve: Protecting and extending automotive spare parts profitability by managing complexity

Updated 06 Mar 2009

New strategies, transformed processes and next generation technology will help reduce overall complexity and success in the auto spare parts business will hinge upon understanding customers, optimizing supply chains, improving collaboration and strengthening competitiveness.

The Smarter Supply Chain of the Future: Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study

Updated 18 Feb 2009

What are some major insights and issues that top supply chain executives are dealing with? IBM asked 400 supply chain professionals worldwide what they thought. Some of the answers might surprise you.

Mastering carbon management: Balancing trade-offs to optimize supply chain efficiencies

Updated 05 Feb 2009

Taking into account traditional concerns about quality, service and cost, a comprehensive carbon-management strategy can build a base for sustaining growth - enabling companies to maintain competitive differentiation, strengthen their brand image and be better positioned to enter new markets.

Break out or get boxed in: Leading strategies for today's food and foodservice distributors

Updated 26 Jan 2009

Food distributors' traditional value proposition, which centered on storing and transporting goods, is no longer sufficient. In a consolidating and intensely competitive industry, these distributors will need to provide more value to remain competitive.

The GMA 2008 Logistics Survey: Improving efficiency in the face of mounting logistics costs

Updated 13 Jun 2008

The GMA 2008 Logistics Survey offers new insights, confirms long-held beliefs and presents an industry baseline to help each company and logistics operation devise its own customized plan of action to address the many challenges and opportunities applicable to supply chain management today.

Chain reaction or slow burn: How fast is Europe moving toward more harmonization of the financial supply chain?

Updated 25 Jan 2008

As European payments convergence progresses, banks must emphasize all sorts of collaboration: with corporate clients, with peers to help set payments standards and with government representatives for more consistent payments legislation across Europe.

Calibrating product launch through collaboration: Industrial companies are using collaboration and advanced technologies to help products reach market at the right place, right time.

Updated 31 Oct 2007

A new IBM Institiute for Business Value study reveals the drivers of customer advocacy and can help apparel retailers find new ways to differentiate their businesses.

The IBM Global Business Services 2007 Mainland China Value Chain Study

Updated 17 Oct 2007

These two reports examine the status of supply chain management in Mainland China.

Follow the leaders: Scoring high on the supply chain maturity model - Mainland China perspectives on forward-planning supply chain processes

Updated 11 Jul 2007

Our 2007 Mainland China Value Chain Study indicates that Mainland Chinese companies have set strategic supply chain fulfillment objectives, but still need to turn these objectives into more concrete actions.

Follow the leaders: Scoring high on the supply chain maturity model - Mainland China perspectives on supply chain fulfillment

Updated 11 Jul 2007

Our 2007 Mainland China Value Chain Study indicates that Mainland Chinese companies have set strategic supply chain fulfillment objectives, but still need to turn these objectives into more concrete actions.

Establishing trust through traceability: Protect and empower your brand for today's "Omni Consumer"

Updated 12 Jun 2007

To ensure safety of the food supply and other consumer products, as well a enhance credibility with consumers, consumer products companies can turn to full value traceability to track product ownership throughout the supply chain.

Aviation 2010: Achieving efficiency and differentiation in turbulent times

Updated 31 May 2007

To increase passenger satisfaction and become operationally efficient, airlines and airports need to adopt a new business model that features a flexible infrastructure and greater collaboration.

Gazing into the mirror: CEOs of third-party logistics companies worldwide share opportunities, strategies and struggles

Updated 02 Apr 2007

Read about how 3PLs are adjusting to an expanded role that is growing more complex by geographical expansion and demanding customers.

Winning in China's mass markets: New business models, new operations for profitable growth

Updated 07 Mar 2007

Gather ideas about the business changes foreign companies may need to make in order to tap China's rapidly growing mass market.

Not business as usual: Changing channels in consumer electronics

Updated 13 Dec 2006

Innovative business models for "how to sell" are now almost as important as innovative products - CE manufacturers need to deftly manage their mix of sales channels.

On the move: Advancing military logistics toward sense-and-respond

Updated 12 Dec 2006

On the move: Advancing military logistics toward sense-and-respond.

Placing a lens on supply chain planning

Updated 15 Nov 2006

Sales and Operations Planning is becoming a necessity for successful supply chain execution. Keys to success include a dedicated governance model, an integrated, networked and formal S&OP process from sales and marketing to the supplier base, with an added "spicing" of innovation and vision.

Follow the leaders: Scoring high on the supply chain maturity model - The Indian experience

Updated 03 Nov 2006

Read results of the 2006 India Value Chain Study, which indicates that many Indian companies are gearing up to meet the challenges and opportunities, while others have significant room for improvement in delivering high performance with increased responsiveness.

Charting a new course: The retail merchandising-supply network

Updated 17 May 2006

Most retailers still struggle to manage their merchandising and supply chain functions effectively. But to satisfy their target customers, retailers must make fundamental changes.

The perfect product launch: Innovation drives growth in the consumer products industry

Updated 18 Apr 2006

Consumer products (CP) companies are under increasing pressure to reduce time-to-market and the cost of introducing new products. As product lifecycles continue to decrease, compressing development cycles and accelerating new product introductions are becoming critical.

Follow the leaders: Scoring high on the supply chain maturity model - An Australian and New Zealand perspective

Updated 30 Mar 2006

In 2003 when IBM last undertook a supply chain management study of this magnitude, the stand-out objective of leading supply chains was to increase profitability - while, at the same time, reducing costs and improving quality.

Follow the leaders: Scoring high on the supply chain maturity model - A Japanese perspective

Updated 02 Mar 2006

IBM Business Consulting Services completed the 2005 Value Chain Survey which identifies current practices, captures significant trends and establishes operational performance benchmarks in five key areas of Supply Chain Management.

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