CP companies search for limelight

Are consumer products (CP) companies about to have their Hollywood moment? Studios traditionally have been dream factories for consumers in a linear supply chain consisting of theaters and retail. But the combination of digital technology and Millennials has radically altered the entertainment industry. To reach increasingly empowered consumers, Hollywood is now a content creator at the center of a digital ecosystem, with business models that range from retail to direct-to-consumer. Similarly, for CP companies, time, technology, changing consumer lifestyles, as well as disruptive competitors, are creating new opportunities beyond the traditional. To take advantage, they must use digital technologies and secure the broadest possible ecosystem of business partners to create compelling brand experiences, drive purchase behavior and create unbreakable bonds with consumers.

Study highlights

74% of consumer products execs identify a compelling brand experience as their top priority.

Only 15% of consumer products execs say their companies are very effective in delivering a compelling brand experience.

Only 25% of consumer product execs say they are prepared for current digital technology disruption.

80% of consumer products companies plan to expand partnerships with retailers to enhance the consumer experience.

70% of consumer product companies plan to partner with technology firms to create new value and fill resource gaps.

About the authors

Trevor Davis

Trevor Davis
Consumer Products Industry Expert and Futurist,
IBM Distinguished Engineer,
IBM Global Business Services

Anthony Bigornia

Anthony Bigornia
Director, Global Consumer Products Industry Solutions,
IBM Sales & Distribution

Jane Cheung

Jane Cheung
Global Consumer Products Industry Lead,
IBM Institute for Business Value

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