Perfect replenishment

Extending the Perfect Order all the way to the consumer

Fifteen years after its introduction, use of the Perfect Order metric has delivered a profound impact and significant performance gains to the consumer supply chain. It stands as a hallmark example of the power of targeted performance measurement.

In recent years, technology advancements have created the opportunity to power additional gains. With wider availability of social media and point-of-sale data, supply chain visibility has moved outside of the four walls of the enterprise, extending all the way to the retail shelf and the consumer.

As technology advances in these new areas, old questions emerge: How do you measure the business value of these new capabilities? How do companies allocate capital investment effectively across these new initiatives? How can organizations provide the right focus and drive the right behaviors for the greatest ROI?

This report presents a new set of supply chain measures – the Replenishment Index – designed to keep pace with industry advances. These new measures focus on store-level replenishment that complements the Perfect Order and can spur further advances.

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