The need for deep change

A new kind of industrial revolution is upon us, as digital technologies redefine business strategy and operational execution. Executives are under pressure to innovate and make smart investments in gamechangers like the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, cloud computing and analytics. Challenges remain, such as talent issues, data security and more. And while some industries are embracing a transformation agenda – redefining core processes and creating new business models for competitive advantage – others are lagging behind. What can executives do to stay at the forefront of the digital operations revolution?


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Study highlights

COOs named the Internet of Things as the number-one tech trend influencing business strategy. -

Surveyed companies' execution of digital operations strategies and models has grown 29% in just two years. -

Cybersecurity and lack of available talent are the top two challenges to digital operations initiatives. -

About the authors

Karen Butner

Karen Butner
Business Strategy and Analytics Digital Operations Leader,
IBM Institute for Business Value

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