A new approach for cybersecurity recruiting

There is continued high demand for cybersecurity professionals and an ongoing shortage of talent. Organizations are pursuing numerous ways to close the talent gap in both the short and long term – including new university programs, technical and vocational programs, apprenticeships, certifications, early education and government programs. IBM believes many cybersecurity jobs can be filled through a “new collar” approach that involves tapping professionals who may not have a traditional college degree but do have the needed technical skills and aptitudes.

Featured findings

The gap, the widespread cybersecurity skills gap is prompting a variety of creative approaches for short-and long-term solutions.
The concept, a 'new collar' approach focused on new employee profiles, roles and partnerships is a major component of a larger strategy to address the cybersecurity skill gap.
The blueprint, Any Organization can embrace a new collar approach as part of its recruiting efforts, and there are definitive implementation steps to get started.

About the authors

Lindsey Lurie
Chief Marketing Officer
IBM Security

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