Mobile ROI is more than a cool app

Mobile has become pervasive in society, accounting for an ever-increasing number of both personal and commercial interactions. Yet, even for its meteoric growth – there are now more mobile devices in the world than people – the vast potential of mobile is mostly untapped. While the benefits of mobile are indisputable, organizations still struggle with capturing its full value. And even the most successful endeavors fall short of established goals more than half the time. However, by strategically aligning initiatives, securing C-suite support, managing certain components of the mobile portfolio internally and striking a balance between commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom applications, organizations can learn to tap into the vast unrealized value of mobile.

A snapshot of study findings

62% of executives indicated that their “most successful” mobile initiative achieved payback in 12 months or less

77% of executives plan to do at least 5 enterprise mobile initiatives over the next year

A third of executives plan to spend at least $15M on mobile within next year

More than one-fifth of executives expect revenue increases of at least 10% from their mobile initiatives

About the authors

Shamayun Miah

Shamayun Miah
Global leader,IBM Mobile Center of Competence

Pete Teigen

Pete Teigen
IBV Mobile Leader
IBM Global Business Services

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