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Reimagining telecommunications with blockchains: From concept to reality

Reimagining telecommunications with blockchains: From concept to reality

Updated 03 Jan 2018

Learn how communication service providers can leverage blockchain technology to help optimize operations and develop new services.

Becoming a ‘living’ media partner for your consumers

Becoming a ‘living’ media partner for your consumers

Updated 14 Sep 2017

Media companies that implement orchestrated and integrated change based on cognitive capabilities will operate in ways that will better position them for success.

A new day in the world of content

A new day in the world of content: Your cognitive future in the media and entertainment industry

Updated 03 Nov 2016

Cognitive computing can help media and entertainment companies unleash a new era of innovation and growth.

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Cloud for media and entertainment

Improving efficiency, enhancing productivity and increasing revenue

December 2015

Media and entertainment organizations can use cloud to help enhance and extend traditional customer experiences, embrace new distribution platforms and create new business models, as well as develop new, cost-effective products, improve content availability, and facilitate real-time and predictive analytics.

Leveraging the Cloud in Media and Entertainment

Updated 21 Aug 2012

Cloud's game changing attributes are revolutionizing the media value chain, and forcing media executives to adapt their business models at an unprecedented rate.

Beyond digital - Connecting media and entertainment to the future

Updated 30 Mar 2012

For M&E providers, going beyond providing analog content to providing digital access offers an opportunity to develop more strategic and tailored relationships with consumers.

Digital Consumer Survey 2011

Updated 30 Sep 2011

Rampant consumer adoption of digital devices is making the world flatter, with key segments of mature and emerging markets already living in the “connected consumer era.”

Beyond Content: Capitalizing on the new revenue opportunities

Updated 09 Sep 2010

As consumers continue to enhance and replace traditional media consumption with digital experiences, incumbent Media and Entertainment companies face both a potential revenue challenge and an opportunity.

Podcast Interview: Beyond advertising: Choosing a strategic path to the digital customer

Updated 13 Apr 2009

Interview with Saul Berman, IBM’s global leader for Strategy & Change Consulting Services

Beyond advertising: Choosing a strategic path to the digital consumer

Updated 24 Mar 2009

The distinctions are blurring between advertising and marketing, as new forms of communication marry the return on investment (ROI)-characteristics of marketing with emotional characteristics of traditional brand advertising - in short, the old ways cannot meet the challenges of today.

The end of advertising as we know it

Updated 06 Mar 2009

Traditional advertising players - broadcasters, distributors and advertising agencies - will need innovative new approaches to respond to major industry shifts underway.

IBM Institute for Business Value - results from online consumer survey

Updated 22 Aug 2007

A new IBM online survey of consumer digital media and entertainment habits shows audiences are more in control than ever and increasingly savvy about filtering marketing messages. The global findings overwhelmingly suggest personal Internet time rivals TV time.

Navigating the Media Divide: Innovating and Enabling New Business Models

Updated 15 Feb 2007

Get ready for the coming collision between incumbent content owners and media distributors.

End of Television as We Know It

Updated Dec 2005

Learn why TV executives must strategize and act now to avoid a plight similar to that of the music industry and to secure future competitiveness – before the pace of change becomes exponentially less manageable.

Media and entertainment 2010: Open on the inside, open on the outside: The open media company of the future

Updated Sep 2005

Learn why industry and market forces will propel media businesses to become more open to business partners, customers and consumers.

Beyond access: Raising the value of information in a cluttered environment

Updated Jun 2005

Understand the competitive threats in the media industry that could undermine business-to-business information providers' success over the long term and why they must provide more than "access" to retain customers.

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