Preparing for an era of exponential change:

A new IT organization paradigm

CIOs are redesigning their IT organizations to meet the needs of the future – a future punctuated by both accelerating, and (at times) disruptive change. An emerging set of innovative CIOs, based upon IBM’s recent research, are grabbing the “bull by the horns” and making the essential changes required for success ahead.

A number of new and fundamental precepts are emerging about the design of the IT organization:

  1. Business and IT delivery is becoming fully integrated around “outcomes” – i.e., the classical separation (or wall) between these groups is disappearing.
  2. The core construct of the IT organization is moving from departments to communities – mirroring the new social order of the digital world.
  3. IT delivery is becoming fully transparent – an “X-ray” organization is emerging as a basis for continuous improvement.
  4. New hybrid job roles are evolving, such as data scientist, business services manager, business/IT architect – reflecting a deeper partnership and intimacy between the business and IT. Career paths are also becoming more tailored around maximization of individual potential.
  5. Perhaps most important – leadership models are changing in light of this community-enabled IT model, promoting a C3 leadership style (centered on candor, coaching and combining communities) to achieve strategic aims.

These shifts are leading to substantial improvements in IT performance – faster responsiveness, greater organizational agility, dramatically improved productivity, and much greater people development. In aggregate, they lead to the realization of the new CIO mandate.

To find out more about how organizations are pushing forward in redesigning the IT function, download the IBM Institute for Business Value executive report.

Download the IBM Institute for Business Value executive report

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  • Stephen J. Reiser

    Stephen J. Reiser

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