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Cyber and beyond: Insurance and risk in a digitally interconnected world

Updated 13 Jun 2016

To navigate the risks of the digitally interconnected environment, insurers must build the right solutions and collaborate extensively.

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Innovating insurance: Lessons from the world's leading innovators

Updated 22 Mar 2016

By emulating leading companies, insurers can learn strategies to drive innovation across their organizations, cultures and processes.

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Understanding customers and risk: Your cognitive future in the insurance industry

Updated 30 Oct 2015

This report reveal how cognitive computing helps insurance organizations blaze new territory and push the boundaries of innovation and growth.

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Cloudy with a chance of mishap: How weather data can help insurers manage risk and drive client value

Updated 08 Oct 2015

Learn how predictive analytics can help insurance companies respond to weather disasters.

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Cloud for insurance

Streamlining business processes, gaining effi ciencies and accelerating innovation

July 2015

With cloud computing, insurers can enhance the overall customer experience, transform business processes and expand capabilities.

Capturing hearts, minds and market share: How connected insurers are improving customer retention

Updated 08 Jun 2015

Traditional distribution channels still work, but what else do today’s insurers need for trust and lasting relationships with empowered consumers?

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Winning strategies for insurers - How industry leaders are excelling outside the comfort zone

Updated 07 Jul 2014

The comfortable situation of insurers is changing: a multitude of disruptive forces leave many struggling now to grow or stay profitable.

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Digital reinvention - Trust, transparency and technology in the insurance world of tomorrow

Updated 31 Jan 2014

If insurers want to succeed in today's digital world, they need to create experiences and business models that are orchestrated, symbiotic, contextual and cognitive.

Analytics: Real-world use of big data in insurance - How innovative insurance service providers are extracting value from uncertain data

Updated 12 Sep 2013

Big data not only has the potential to provide solutions to some of the insurance industry’s toughest business challenges, it could also inspire new ways to transform processes, organizations and many aspects of the industry itself.

Insurers, intermediaries and interactions: From channels to networks

Updated 17 Dec 2012

Insurers need to allow their customers broad access to information while keeping the special relationship with intermediaries alive.

The future of the pensions industry: Power to the members

Updated 17 Aug 2012

As pension providers transition from serving one large customer to serving many individuals, five imperatives are key for success.

Powerful interaction points – the country by country view: Viewing insurance consumers through a geographic lens

Updated 10 Sep 2012

Consumers all over the world use a multitude of interaction points – formerly known as “channels” – to interact with insurers.

Powerful interaction points: Saying goodbye to the channel

Updated 08 Dec 2010

Insurance consumers now use multiple interaction points to research and buy insurance, making it a new challenge for the insurance industry to reach them effectively and profitably.

Solving the innovation puzzle: A framework for consistent innovation in banking and insurance

Updated 27 Oct 2010

By better understanding innovation triggers, banks and insurers will be on the right path to developing an effective framework to help them offer radical – and useful – innovation to their clients.

Balancing the scales: Toward a stable and dynamic insurance future

Updated 03 Aug 2009

As the financial world searches for a new order, insurance companies must find a way to balance the fundamentals that shaped the industry with the dynamics created by an empowered customer and an uncertain global environment.

Service-oriented architecture: Unlocking hidden value in insurance systems

Updated 30 Apr 2009

Insurance companies are under increasing pressure to become more innovative and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) offers a number of advantages that, when understood and exploited by both the business and IT sides of an insurer, can help address any number of business challenges

Growing trust, transparency and technology: Insurance customers’ perspectives in a global context

Updated 26 Jan 2009

An update to a previous IBM Institute for Business Value study shows insurers in the Americas, like their European counterparts, suffer from a lack of consumer trust and that heightened transparency, service and flexibility will be necessary to reach the customer of the future.

Insurance 2020: Now what? Exploring initiatives for innovation

Updated 23 Jan 2009

Insurers have for years mistaken optimization for innovation, but true innovation requires a willingness to try something different to address persistent operational challenges.

The Enterprise of the the Insurance Industry

Updated 05 Sep 2008

Insurance industry CEOs share their views on the future of business.

Podcast Interview: Balancing the Scales toward a Stable and Dynamic Insurance Future

Updated 24 Mar 2008

Interview with Christian Bieck and David Notestein

Trust, transparency and technology: European customers' perspectives on insurance and innovation

Updated 22 Jan 2008

In six European markets, we surveyed a broad sample of insurance customers to find that three success factors that are crucial for the relationship between customer and insurance company: trust, transparency and technology.

Surviving climate change in the property & casualty industry by growing customer advocacy

Updated 22 Aug 2007

In a changing insurance environment, providers must be able to identify their advocates and articulate their advocate's preferences, then use this information to help tailor their business models in ways that improve the customer experience and, in turn, can drive growth.

Insurance 2020: Innovating beyond old models

Updated 23 May 2006

Podcast discusses the strategic challenges insurance companies will face in the insurance marketplace of the future and shares ideas for moving from today's realities to tomorrow’s potential.

Insurance 2020: Innovating beyond old models

Updated 23 May 2006

Looking beyond this decade, the insurance industry’s current mode of operations will likely reach a point of diminishing returns. The aggregate capabilities of existing and emergent technologies almost guarantee that the next several years will mark a fundamental change in the industry.

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