With cloud, CSPs pursue revenue and profit growth

Cloud is a continuation of the virtualization trend that has been underway for over 15 years. The trend has now reached a tipping point where Cloud can create and deliver business value. Business value can be created in three main areas:

  • Performing current business more efficiently and effectively
  • Creating new business models for delivery of current services
  • Creating entirely new businesses.

Study highlights

Almost 80% of CSPs have piloted, adopted or substantially implemented cloud, and 94 percent expect to whitin three years

More than 70% of CSPs indicate cloud can play an important role in creating or enhancing revenue streams.

Almost 60% of CSPs plan to rely on cloud for business model innovation in the ext three years, signigicantly more than the 35% of the full survey sample.

About the authors

Bob Fox

Bob Fox
Global Industry Leader, Telecommunications and Media & Entertainment
IBM Global Business Services

Nick Gurney

Nick Gurney
Communications Sector Leader
IBM Asia Pacific

Rob van den Dam

Rob van den Dam
Global Telecommunications Leader
IBM Institute for Business Value

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