Accelerating economic growth and vitality through smarter public
safety management

Public safety systems affect well-being, quality of life and economic prosperity. Yet, in the face of escalating crime, natural disasters and security threats, many systems are ill-equipped to protect the citizens they were created to serve. These siloed systems are overwhelmed by an ever-increasing volume of data and, as a result, agencies are unable to orchestrate a coordinated approach to public safety issues. Further, agencies are finding it hard to tackle recidivism and link spending with outcomes. A new, smarter approach to public safety is needed, with key competencies ranging from accessing and integrating the right data, to developing a unified response capability. Five new competencies are required to enable governments and agencies to improve public safety and facilitate enhanced growth and vitality:

  1. Providing access to a wider range of data sources builds a more valuable information foundation
  2. A coordinated information system turns raw data into reliable insights
  3. Situational awareness helps mitigate the impact of incidents
  4. Analytics supports planning, decision making and resource deployment
  5. Collaboration identifies incidents and orchestrates optimal response

Public safety agencies are charged with an important and difficult mission. Today, however, they face significant challenges that, if unaddressed, will impede their ability to deliver against this mission. By focusing on the five competencies outlined, organizations have the potential to greatly improve public safety, meet the expectations of those they serve and help build more prosperous communities.

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Meet the authors

  • Mary Keeling.

    Mary Keeling

    Manager, IBM Institute for Business Value Center for Economic Analysis

  • Mark Cleverley.

    Mark Cleverley

    Director, Public Safety Solutions, Global Government Industry

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