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Driving top-line growth by bringing science to the art of marketing

Businesses today have an abundance of customer data available from an increasing number of sources, but many organizations struggle to turn this information into actionable insights. An effective customer analytics strategy, however, can help drive top-line growth, avoid unnecessary costs and increase customer satisfaction.

To help organizations in their pursuit for deeper customer insight, we have identified four stages of organizational capabilities, which are enabled by four associated customer analytics strategies.

In the first stage, organizations apply a customer analytics strategy to gain information cost reduction. They do so by honing their capability to gain insight from the information explosion and develop a deeper understanding of the customer.

The second stage requires the capability to share information internally and across the value chain. Organizations in this stage embrace a customer analytics strategy that enables information sharing to create a consistent customer experience over multiple channels.

In the third stage, organizations shift toward enabling information responsiveness. Able to move from reaction to prediction, these organizations focus on identifying the questions that – if answered – will impact their business the most.

In the fourth and last stage, the most successful marketing organizations execute a strategy that enables information on demand and an analytics-driven approach called multichannel next-base action. These organizations have the capability to adapt business models that enable faster creation of value.

The analytics-driven transformation is an ongoing journey with a series of destinations – each a staging post for the next. Top-performers differentiate themselves through a deep understanding of their customers. These organizations typically have strong executive sponsorship for their chosen customer analytics strategies with a top-down mandate to build capabilities They treat information as a business asset with business managers accountable for customer data and customer communication.

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