The new age of ecosystems

Redefining partnering in an ecosystem environment – Healthcare ecosystem edition

New technologies are making business more intelligent, fast and scalable. As the world becomes more connected, organizations will encounter increasing difficulty competing as solo entities. In today’s era of exponentially increasing data and information, and ubiquitous digitization, the new economic equation favors transparency and collaboration.

In search of innovation, more than half of CxOs expect to open up their enterprises — bringing down barriers to extend collaboration both inside and outside their organizations. As a result, the focus of innovative organizations is likely to shift in the near future from organization-centricity to one that is ecosystem-centric. An ecosystem can be thought of as a complex web of interdependent enterprises and relationships that creates and allocates business value.

Ecosystems are broad by nature, potentially spanning multiple geographies and industries, including public and private institutions, as well as consumers. For healthcare, the ecosystem is the convergence of otherwise separate entities, such as life sciences organizations, providers and payers, as well as social and government agencies

How will ecosystems will change the nature of business activities, expand capabilities and enable experiences in healthcare and life sciences beyond anything possible today? How can orchestration enable mutuality and cooperation, and how do value creation and capture undamentally differ in ecosystem environments? What strategies can healthcare organizations employ for different business environments? And how are leading healthcare and life sciences organizations embracing ecosystems today. To find the answers to these questions and more, download the IBM Institute for Business Value executive report.

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