Analytics across the ecosystem

A prescription for optimizing healthcare outcomes

The healthcare ecosystem is the convergence of otherwise separate entities, such as life sciences organizations, providers and payers, as well as social and government agencies. This convergence, along with enhanced connectivity and mobility, has resulted in a tremendous surge in healthcare-related data that can help create insights and inform actions.

But to optimize the impact these insights and actions can have, information must be shared across the entire ecosystem. Unfortunately, most organizations are not yet equipped to share information within their own walls, let alone across the entire ecosystem.

However, by first driving analytics across the enterprise and then collaborating with others throughout the healthcare ecosystem, organizations can improve outcomes for patients, providers, payers and life science companies. For example, Insights about the individual, developed through the analysis of data within a medical, wellness and social context, can help identify risk factors, promote health and drive more effective, early engagement from the entire community of care.

How do you enable analytics in healthcare? Analytics is a key enabler for life sciences and healthcare organizations to create better outcomes for patients, customers and other stakeholders across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

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From managing small details to large processes, analytics can aid exploration and discovery, help design and plan policy and programs, improve service delivery and operations, enhance sustainability, mitigate risk and provide a means for measuring and evaluating critical organizational data. Perhaps most important, it can expand access to healthcare, promote personalized care, align pay with performance and help hold down growth in healthcare costs.

To enable collaboration across the ecosystem, organizations will need to focus on three areas: strategy and governance, data and processes, and people and organization.

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About the authors

  • Heather Fraser

    Heather Fraser

    Healthcare Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value

  • Dan Gordon

    Dan Gordon

    Executive Consultant, IBM Global Healthcare Center of Competence

  • John Piccone

    John Piccone

    Partner, IBM Global Business Services

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