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Designing employee experience: How a unifying approach can enhance engagement and productivity

Updated 22 Feb 2016

Learn how organizations are addressing the impact of the employee experience on productivity and engagement.


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Amplifying employee voice: How organizations can better connect to the pulse of the workforce

Updated 02 Oct 2015

Active employee listening offers insights into an increasingly vocal and mobile workforce, then organizations act for positive change.

Pursuit of relevance: How higher education remains viable in today’s dynamic world

Updated 23 Jun 2015

Read about the challenges confronting higher education today and the strategies necessary to repair an imperfect but crucial system.

Myths, exaggerations and uncomfortable truths: The real story behind Millennials in the workplace

Updated 28 Jan 2015

This study addresses the impact of Millennials in today’s workplace and the need for organizations to create multigenerational work environments.

Unlock the people equation: Using workforce analytics to drive business results

Updated 01 Dec 2014

Workforce analytics can challenge conventional wisdom, influence behavior, and enable HR and business leaders to make smarter decisions that impact business outcomes.

The business of social business - What works and how it's done

Updated 08 Nov 2012

A new IBM Institute for Business Value study reveals how organizations can use social approaches to create meaningful business value.

Collective Intelligence

Updated 6 Jan 2012

Can an organization, operating in today’s increasingly networked world, choose to ignore the insights of employees, customers, business partners and expect to thrive?

Cultivating organizational creativity in an age of complexity: A companion study to the IBM 2010 Global Chief Human Resource Officer Study

Updated 29 Jul 2011

Managing the increasing complexity inherent in today's environment requires leaders who will work to unlock, uncover and unleash the collective creative capabilities of their organizations.

Working beyond Borders: Insights from the 2010 Global CHRO Study

Updated 30 Oct 2010

Unleashing creativity, flexibility and speed.

Focal Jobs: Viewing talent through a different lens

Updated 26 Jan 2010

By using a different "lens" to examine talent management issues, companies have the opportunity to more effectively use their limited investment funds to achieve greater organizational effectiveness and strategic alignment.

The personal side of business continuity: Addressing human capital management issues during crises

Updated 15 Jun 2009

Recent business disruptions have affected organizations worldwide, and while most businesses have continuity plans in place, many don't address a company's most precious assets: its employees.

Getting Smart About Your Workforce: Why Analytics Matter

Updated 22 May 2009

Along with the necessary resources to transform data into insights, workforce analytics is enabling HR professionals to be more engaged in the formulation of corporate strategy.

Unlocking the DNA of the Adaptable Workforce: The Global Human Capital Study 2008 Chemicals and Petroleum Edition

Updated 30 Apr 2009

To meet the responsibilities of guiding a global, well integrated C&P enterprise, executives need to rethink their workforce visions using strategies and tools that support collaboration, enable new opportunities, encourage learning, and help predict and attract expert skills.

Unlocking the DNA of the Adaptable Workforce: The Global Human Capital Study 2008/Metals and Mining Edition

Updated 30 Apr 2009

As the metals and mining industries change, they face growing workforce challenges that must be met through a combination of executive focus, transformed processes and technology enablers.

Leadership in a distributed world: Lessons from online gaming

Updated 19 Jan 2009

Though it may sound surprising, the world of online gaming can provide business leadership insights for the 21st century.

The new economic environment: A strategic workforce perspective

Updated 10 Dec 2008

Questions about composition and capabilities of the workforce are never more pertinent that in times of economic distress, when decisions must be made that affect productivity, morale, retention of corporate knowledge and competitive positioning.

Facing the global opportunity: Insights from the 2007 IBM Human Resources Summit

Updated 04 Dec 2008

As the war for talent plays out on a global scale, companies are now taking a harder look at how they are hiring, connecting and developing their employees on a worldwide basis.

Transforming the workforce: Seven keys to succeeding in a globally integrated world

Updated 04 Dec 2008

To become globally integrated enterprises, companies must adjust their approach to workforce management.

Innovation: Shifting the strategic focus of learning - Lessons from the 2007 Chief Learning Officer Roundtable

Updated 03 Dec 2008

Read about how to better manage human capital in order to eliminate roadblocks to innovation and growth.

People and innovation: Getting ideas on the table

Updated 28 Oct 2008

The IBM Institute for Business Value has followed the Global CEO Study 2006 with a detailed analysis to better understand how organizations can mobilize their most important assets - their people, customers and suppliers - to more effectively innovate in today's business environment.

The Enterprise of the Future: Implications for the workforce

Updated 08 Oct 2008

Based on interviews with more than 1,100 CEOs, the IBM Global CEO Study depicts a clear picture of the Enterprise of the Future. But to achieve these aspirations, organizations will need to address several human capital challenges.

Integrated talent management

Updated 04 Sep 2008

Most organizations recognize the importance of aligning talent management and organizational strategies, and many believe they are already making progress; however, execution and integration still challenge many who participated in our recent human capital management survey.

Podcast Interview: The Global Human Capital Study 2008

Updated 02 Feb 2008

IBM Institute for Business Value podcast on the Global Human Capital study.

The Global Human Capital Study 2008: Unlocking the DNA of the adaptable workforce

Updated 15 Oct 2007

From improving efficiency to aligning performance with strategic goals, our human capital consultants can help you shape company behaviors in ways that empoer employees to excel.

Winning in China's mass markets: New business models, new operations for profitable growth

Updated 07 Mar 2007

Gather ideas about the business changes foreign companies may need to make in order to tap China's rapidly growing mass market.

Podcast Interview: People and Innovation: Getting Ideas on the Table

Updated 23 Feb 2007

Podcast Interview: People and Innovation: Getting Ideas on the Table.

Closing the Generation Divide: Shifting Workforce Demographics and the Learning Function

Updated 04 Dec 2008

Closing the Generation Divide: Shifting Workforce Demographics and the Learning Function.

A new approach, a new capability: The strategic side of Human Resources

Updated 21 Jun 2006

A new approach, a new capability: The strategic side of Human Resources.

How Human Resources keeps its seat at the table: Insights from the 2006 IBM Human Resources Summit

Updated 17 May 2006

Having survived the hiring boom of the late 1990's, and the cost cutting and layoffs that followed, today's human resources (HR) organizations must now focus on two overarching objectives: delivering strategic insights to business units, as well as continuing to provide administrative services.

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