The evolving promise of genomic medicine

How advanced technologies are transforming healthcare and life sciences

Since 2001, when the first draft of the Human Genome Project was announced, hope surged for genomic medicine to be a panacea for many health conditions from diagnosis to treatment. Soon after the project was complete in 2003, the early tangible examples of success did not match the high expectations of that time. But today, there is renewed confidence in the healthcare and life sciences industries that the hype could indeed match the hope.

The evolving promise of genomic medicine IBM Institute for Business ValueThe evolving promise of genomic medicine IBM Institute for Business Value

Consider what is different now:

A new genomic health record will become a reality as genomic information gets combined with relevant data extracted from the traditional EMR. Rapid, precision oncology decision support is expected to expand on a larger scale by performing sophisticated genome/proteome/RNA analysis coupled with cognitive computing. The capabilities and technologies associated with cognitive computing are critical to the ongoing genomic medicine evolution by enabling much more sophisticated decision support, innovative clinical trials, new targeted therapies, and a focus on health outcomes to prevent and alleviate disease symptoms.

To benefit from the far-reaching industry transformation that has begun, forward-thinking executives can: verify that genomic medicine is part of their enterprise vision and strategy; assess and plan to fill existing and future skill gaps; and look closely at how and when partnering will help their organizations succeed in meeting stakeholder needs.

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