Why listen to employees?

To build an engaged workforce, it is more important than ever to understand and act upon employee ideas, needs and concerns. Today, emerging internal and external social platforms make it easier to capture, analyze and reveal potential workforce issues and hidden opportunities. Such activities fit the category of “employee listening.” For a mutually beneficial two-way conversation, organizations need to understand how willing employees are to share their views. Then, organizations can move ahead to select tools, inspire participation, build a listening coalition, protect privacy and – most importantly, according to IBM research – follow up with meaningful, appropriate actions.

Study highlights

83% of surveyed employees said they would participate in an employee listening program.

Only 62% of Baby Boomers surveyed believe management will act on their input, compared to 78% of Millennials

HR practitioners who use multiple listening methods rated their organizational performance and reputation 24% higher than those who do not.

About the authors

Sheri Feinzig

Sheri Feinzig
Director of Research Integration
IBM Smarter Workforce at IBM

Rena Rasch

Rena Rasch
Researcher with IBM's Smarter Workforce Institute

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