Cruise lines have a difficult course to chart. Increasingly, potential guests would like to arrange their trips digitally, and yet travel agents continue to own a substantial share of cruise ship bookings. To connect with guests more efficiently and personally without undercutting travel agents, cruise lines need to evolve and optimize their distribution channels. This executive report considers the challenges and presents steps for navigating this transformation.

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Study highlights

Travelers have changing expectations about how they will plan for and purchase their trips.

Increasingly, travelers want to book cruises digitally, but they are frustrated with the disjointed, impersonal experience.

Cruise lines must personalize and enrich the experience for guests while navigating a path that balances the needs of both trabelers and travel agents.

About the authors

Elizabeth Hickey

Elizabeth Hickey
Global Travel and Transportation Lead
IBM Institute for Business Value

Steve Peterson

Steve Peterson
Travel and Transportation Lead,
IBM Institute for Business Value,
IBM Global Business Services

Bruce Speechley

Bruce Speechley
Global Leader, Travel and Transportation
IBM Global Business Services

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